What’s in a Fan?

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You may hear a Lash Stylist use the word “fan” when talking about volume lashes. A fan is 2 or more lightweight volume lashes placed on the natural lash in a fan shape, (like the photo above). There are two types of fans with volume lashes. Handmade and premade, and they are just like they sound. A handmade fan is created by the Lash Stylist by dipping fan in adhesive, then applying with a technique that the adhesiveย  evenly hugs the natural lash.ย  around the natural lash to keep lash. While a premade fan comes in a package with adhesive holding them together, then are dipped in adhesive and applied.

Both may be offered in the world but when you compare side by side, handmade is the best choice for clients. This is because with handmade fan, the client will get a customized look fitting to their desired lash style. It not only shows your Lash Stylist’s creative side to style your eye but ensures natural lash safety by controlling the amount of adhesive used. As the lashes grow and prepare to shed you will also notice handmade fans blend to the natural lash at the base for a nicer grow out.

The only benefit in my professional eyes with premade fans is that it cuts out some time but that is not always a good thing. With premade fans the Lash Artist peels it off the backing, dipping into even more adhesive (think about that weight on your natural lash) and sitting on top of the natural lash. Without “wrapping” around the lash the fan has a greater chance of literally popping off quickly or damaging the natural lash from too much adhesive weight. Your results will most likely look very similar to every other client that Lash Stylist sees as it’s commonly described as, “one size fits all”. Premade fans tend to have a thicker base that sticks out as the lashes continue to grow on their cycle and may catch on your lash wand when you fluff your lashes.

So make sure to ask your Lash Stylist about what type of fans you will be having applied to ensure you get not only safe extensions… but customized works of art that make you glad you made the right investment with your Lash Stylist.

Keep your lashes healthy & fans handmade by your LS!



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