If you have read about eyelash extensions, you will come across the words: infill, fill, refill, fill in, restore, etc. So what do all of those words mean?

After your full set of eyelash extensions you leave. You love how full they are. As your lash cycle continues… and you shed your natural lash the extension will also shed with it. Let’s explain that real quickly! If you see a lash extension on your pillow in the morning and see a natural lash attached to it, THIS IS NORMAL. More about that another post. Don’t worry just yet, your new baby lash will start to appear but won’t have the drama and fullness that it did with the extension attached.

With the new not so full baby anagen lashes you will need to have a maintenance appointment to replace the lost lashes. Most brands have a 7-21 day infill time period which is why Novalash is so great. With NovaLash and based on the average lash cycle and proper after care you can get up to 28 days weeks between infills. With most people choosing 3-4 weeks. You get extra time between appointments!

With a proper infill, the Lash Stylist will then go through and remove any lifted lashes and untangle any tangled lashes. Some may cleanse with service, but it is always best to show up with clean lashes to give your Lash Stylist more time to apply the extensions. They will then go through and apply new extensions on each available natural lash just like when you got the full set. The time will vary from 30-90 minutes depending on your Lash Stylist. An average for 4 weeks should be 60 minutes spent on the actual application. Most clients get a little “lash nap” at these appointments.

If your Lash Stylist noticed anything they should inform you as they notice, example: more lashes missing from one eye tends to happen from sleeping more on one side or you subconsciously pick the corner of one eye to cause prematurely shedding with natural lashes. You will get another lash wand to add to your collection for fluffing your lashes! Always ask to confirm you are doing the best to keep your lashes healthy! It is a clients responsibility to keep the communication going by asking questions, not just the Lash Stylist.

Always make sure you pre-book your next infill appointment to assure that you get the time spot you need to be convenient for your schedule especially around holiday’s! As the lash industry grows and the top notch professionals stand out and get busy,  remember that their availability will make it harder to get in last minute. Some professionals allow their guests to have standing appointments. It never hurts to ask them!

Keep your lashes healthy & full!


3 thoughts on “Infill, Fill, Refill: What Does it Mean?

  1. This is exactly why I switched to Novalash… I had been doing lashes for a couple years with brand X and my clients were miserable… their eyes stung after, they had to wait 2 days to get them wet and they had to come in every 10-14 days for a fill 😩
    Novalash’s Platinum Bond changed my lash game 110% ☺️


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