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Recently, I had a friend ask me about attending her NovaLash Classic Training as a model. I said “yes”, excited for my friend to see why I love the company so much. I figured this is a great way to have a refresher in my mind about when I decided to jump into the lash world head first. I also knew, the amazing Lindsey Rae Joslyn Rohner (@lashbeat) was going to be the trainer (she was also mine!) and figured just getting a chance to chat would help get my confidence up as I prepare to enter the NovaLash Brand Ambassador application process.

Myself, Lindsey Rae Joslyn Rohner & newly NovaLash Certified Lash Stylist Deb Smithson

In case you didn’t know about Lindsey, she started her lash career in 2010. Her training with NovaLash includes: Advanced Training, American Volume Training and Certified NovaLash Trainer Training. Her awards include: 2017 NovaLash Trainer of the Year, Modern Salon Top 100 of 2017 and NovaLash Brand Ambassador 2015-2018. This lash boss is literally #LIFEGOALS for a lash obsessed person like myself.

While her students took their written test & during lunch we got a chance to catch up, get some motivation & inspiration from a leader of the industry while sharing our love of the company. So after I got to sit in and see all of those girls inspired by Lindsey, I decided to ask her a few questions about her life as a NovaLash trainer. Adding my two cents here and there… because I love talking about lashes so much!

“Why do you love NovaLash?”

“I love NovaLash for lots of reasons of course our products, techniques and standards are at the top of my list but I also love the sense of sisterhood, friendship and support we all give to each other. I said it from the first time I stepped foot into the Novalash institute (meeting Sophy, Beth and Heather for the first time) “It’s nothing like I expected, everyone is genuinely kind and welcoming. It feels like a tight nit family not a giant, cold corporation and I hope that never changes.” 

I can completely agree with Lindsey. That has been a big reason why I encourage my friends or anyone interested in eyelash extension certification to choose NovaLash. I love that I can reach out to these ladies about anything and they will give me honest advice. I have heard stories about some Lash Stylists not sharing their knowledge or helping newbies. And I am SO happy the NovaLash sisterhood has always supported & helped me! I mean, I had Lindsey, the woman who trained me tell me “Go for Brand Ambassador! You’ve got this girl!”. Huge boost of confidence for myself!

“What is your favorite part about being a trainer for NovaLash?”

“My favorite part of training is actually two parts. First it comes at the end of a training day (which is a long day filled with tons of information and can be physically trying for most) when everyone is tired and ready to go home but that one student (or maybe multiple) linger behind to tell me how much they got out of the class and to thank me for being patient with them and teaching them a new skill. It makes every moment of that day (stressful and fun at times) completely worth it. And second is of course seeing my students succeed and become amazing/well-respected lash artists in our industry. I have had multiple students go on to open their own lash studios, be chosen as brand ambassadors and even as a Lash Artist of the year finalist. I feel lucky to be a part of their journey.”

Lindsey showing her students hands on, how to apply extensions using the NovaLash glove technique

What is your advice for someone just getting certified? 

My biggest advice for new lash artists is to be equal parts patient and determined. Lashing is the hardest skill I have ever attempted to master and it doesn’t happen over night, it takes weeks and months of daily practice in order to apply a full set. Every newly certified lash artist is going to have frustrating days of practice ahead. – But here’s the good news, if you put in the time and energy into practicing you will eventually master it. Focus on doing things the right way in the beginning, speed will come with time. And don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody is perfect, we all start somewhere. 

I remember Lindsey saying this exact thing at my training. Now I won’t lie I thought I can do this faster and guess what? I was WRONG. Lindsey says it perfectly! Patience is key because there are days… even weeks where I struggled and wanted to give up. But I remember her saying that and practicing EVERY SINGLE DAY for hours to perfect my technique. And I still have a long way to go. Being a master Lash Stylist doesn’t happen over night there is so much after training to learn about to advance your career. I would find myself finding “quick cheats” but every time found myself noticing it wasn’t working and had to start over again with the correct way. And it changed my life, no joke! I wish every Lash Stylist got to speak with Lindsey to hear that advice as well as hear the passion in her voice when she talks about her love of lashing.

It made me hope that someday I can be at her level of sharing my passion for lashes and helping other Lash Stylists that have just begun their career. She is an inspiration in the industry, that’s why she was on Modern Salon’s Top 100 List!

Clients, always look for the Lash Stylists out there with that passion as well as that nice resume of accomplishments, like Lindsey’s. It shows you how dedicated they are to giving you the best lashes from their top trainings.

Keep your lashes healthy & find a Lash Stylist passionate about your lashes!



  1. I agree with Lindsey on all topics! I chose Novalash and stayed with Novalash because I have always felt like family since I took my first class in 2006!
    And yes, Practice, Practice, Practice IS the best advice! Along with Patience and Passion!
    The ‘Novalash Love’ at headquarters is heartwarming!
    Great article Lindsey! Way to go!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a beautiful article 😍😍😍 I completely agree there such a sister hood about nova lash there’s always someone you can turn to if you need any advice ❤️ I loved loved the article !!!!!! Amazinnnngg job ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh gosh, this article made me smile from ear to ear! I remember my first class and how shaky I was, seeing these beautiful images of other artists’ work and thinking I could master it in no time flat 😂😂😂 WRONG! 😂 it took months of daily practice to become proficient, after 7 years of lashing, I still practice every day, even for 10 minutes…. it keeps my fingers sharp and I don’t loose that muscle memory 🖤🖤🖤
    We’re all at a different point in our journey, and that makes my heart happy, that I can always improve on who I was yesterday ☺️
    Thanks for sharing this, it’s perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is why we are the same person Brigitte!! LOL. You definitely need patience and dedication! I have begun to do that as well now! I will just fan a few minutes if I have to just to remind my precious hands of the magic they can create! I love that no two journeys are the same but we all still help and encourage each other to keep going and educating ourselves! And that I have a certain someone I can message my random questions to no matter how weird you always have the best advice!!


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