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I brought back my exceptionally educated & fellow hairstylist, Ann Deater to learn a little more about Malibu C after she blew my mind in my first post, C Stands for: Change Your Hair Game! Ann has been in the hair game since 2002 and now owns Dharma Salon (@dharmasalon.anndeater) in Brighton, Michigan. She has worked with many lines and has always favored the incredible products Malibu C offers to professionals as well as clients. We’ve already covered the Crystal Gel treatment that is a HAIR SAVIOR for almost all clients. So let’s discuss some of the professional & retail packet treatments clients should know about!

QUICK FIX: This is used within 48 hours of oxidative color application. Did your color take darker than you expected? Did you get cold feet with the change? Did your hair grab the wrong tones? This is what your stylist should use to literally give you a “quick fix” & is done right at the shampoo bowl.

CPR: This packet is meant to be used to correct an oxidative color as well. This is like a Crystal Gel treatment on steroids. It contains the same ingredients as the Crystal Gel but also contains a special clay. The clay magnetically draws in the oxidative color molecules. It can remove minerals and layers of oxidative color from hair safely & gently. It is Ann’s GO-TO in color corrections since you get a two for one. Your stylist will shampoo at least 3 times with a clarifying shampoo, after you have processed under heat with a cap for 15-45 minutes. The CPR can be repeated until your stylist feels nothing else can be removed.

DDL: This packet is used to lift out direct dyes. Stylists will mix this with water, 10 or 20 volume developer. So make sure you always choose an experienced stylist who knows when to use which mixing liquid. This should be used following a CPR or CG treatment for mineral removal. DDL also has a special clay in it. You do not use this with heat and the surrounding areas may lift if you use developer. So this is not for an uneducated stylist with the Malibu C product line. (Trust me, I admit this one can give results that can intimidate a stylist who is unaware of DDL… I’m in forums and I have seen things).

Now for the treatments, you as a client can take home!

Swimmers: Does your hair turn green tones after swimming? Do you get sodium buildup on your hair from ocean water? This packet helps to maintain a copper & sodium free head of hair. Use for at home maintenance after Crystal Gel treatment.

Hard Water: Does your hair go dull, brassy & flat after washing your hair at home? This packet will revitalize your hair by removing the discoloration and dullness from minerals! This is Dharma Salon’s most in demand retail product! Use for at home maintenance after in-salon Crystal Gel treatment.

Scalp Therapy: This packet helps clients at home who have dry scalp issues. The soothing combination of ingredients is great for eczema, cradle cap & flaky scalps among other conditions. This is intended for at home maintenance after your CG as well.

Blondes: Do your highlights “disappear” after washing at home? This packet keeps the brassiness away to help keep your blonde bright & shiny. Hold on to summer with this at home maintenance treatment.

Basically, make sure to add-on a Crystal Gel treatment before your next hair appointment with your salon, then find your muse in Malibu C treatment packet and stock up next time you visit your stylist! Meanwhile, I will basically be investing stock into Malibu C Hard Water Wellness and aiding my hair health between my visits with Ann! (Maybe I will post some pictures of using them on IG! Wink, wink!).

Keep your lashes healthy & hair buildup free!




(Please note: Ann has provided me with all information above. She is my personal hair encyclopedia and Malibu Master. If you have questions feel free to comment below & I will inquire to Ann for the correct information!)


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