Diet & Lashes

Around seasonal allergy time, ESPECIALLY the fall round, clients may go for an infill appointment and it may be different. The client gets home and hours later realizes their eyes are ITCHY and may swell. After about 72 hours the client notices it has gone away… so what could it be? Contact dermatitis may be your internet diagnosis from symptoms, but it could also be your allergies. Have you had allergies for a while and not have this issue? 

When you have allergy season you will notice you are slightly sensitive to things you are usually fine with. Those who have itchy eyes and some swelling affected post infill appointment are probably not thinking all the little details that may be affecting those allergies. Don’t worry, it’s why I am here!

First, always contact your doctor as I am no MD. Secondly, your Lash Stylist may need to change you to Sensitive Eyes for a little bit. And that’s okay. You will just need to come in more often as it is not as strong as the award winning Platinum Bond. The third, is to pay attention to what you may be ingesting 24 hours pre and post appointment. This may be a HUGE help to get you back on your Platinum Bond addiction during allergy season!

Foods contain histamines which may be playing a part in making you more sensitive and likely to have the itchy, swollen eyes. That’s why your told to take Benadryl for allergies, it has ANTI-histamines.  What foods/drinks are high in histamines & histamine liberators? I made you a list with some help from Histamine Intolerance Awareness:

  • Alcohol, especially RED WINE
  • Energy drinks
  • Green & black tea
  • Nuts – walnuts, cashew nuts
  • Chocolates and other cocoa based products
  • Vinegar
  • Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives and artificial colorings
  • Most citric fruits – kiwi, lemon, lime, pineapple, plums…
  • Pickled or canned foods – sauerkrauts
  • Tomatoes
  • Matured cheeses
  • Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages….
  • Shellfish
  • Beans and pulses – chickpeas, soy beans, peanuts
  • Ready meals
  • Papaya
  • Wheat germ
  • Additives – benzoate, sulphites, nitrites, glutamate, food dyes

Think about what you may have ate or drank 24 hours pre and post appointment last infill. Did you seem to have a lot of these & get itchy, swollen eyes? Now I am not saying cut out all of these, because I could NEVER do it. But trying to limit the amount of histamine food/drink you have can help you avoid the itchy swelling. I have told clients to avoid just red wine and vinegar based food/drinks and they noticed a big difference. They couldn’t just remove their lashes after all this time! They plan some days around getting in for infills for goodness sake!

Knowing about histamines with allergies when you wear lash extensions is important. So before next appointment pull up this post and remind yourself what you want to avoid for a 48 hour period and help your eyes keep the Platinum Bond and avoid the itchy swells so you can live your best lash life!

Keep your lashes healthy & body low of histamine!



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