They’ve Chosen a Brand, Now it’s Your Turn


You have done your research when it comes to choosing your Lash Stylist for lash extensions. You asked about their brand choice and why they chose but now what should you do? It’s time to look into that brand and make sure it’s what you deserve! Always remember this is your eye area.

Here are the 6 things you should do when looking into a brand:

  • Check out the brands website for legitimacy. Make sure they are a real reputable company. There are many small companies out there and you don’t always know where the products are being produced or their morals. For example, NovaLash adhesive is made in a FDA approved facility in the USA and are very focused on client safety and product quality!
  • Does the brand have Lash Stylist listings? Always check their listings. They only list top quality Lash Stylists they approve and back up. You can find your local NovaLash Lash Stylists, here.
  • Check out the brands products. Most brands will have product information to tell their purpose. Having professional tools is very important but retail available for clients is JUST as important. This is because brands are made for their products to work correctly together for your benefit. Like CleanLASH, a NovaLash product, that is pomegranate seed oil based. To help keep your natural lashes conditioned, lash extensions cleansed and eye area make up free by removing it.
  • Call and ask about certification process or anything else you may want to know about to a brands customer service. NovaLash loves hearing from clients at 713-520-5848. They can help with any questions you may have from Lash Stylists to products.
  • Brand Ambassadors!!! Brand Ambassadors are Lash Stylists chosen by the company to represent them. These are the elite top babes of the company. They know the products, the techniques (and their work shows backs it up) while still being EXCITED to share the brand with the world. I will say when choosing a brand seeing how excited NovaLash BA’s were made me so motivated to know everything about the brand. These ladies are encyclopedias of the brand, trust me I have my NovaLash BA Babe that is my go to for any random question and she can answer them… no matter how crazy of a question I may have.
  • Look how long they’ve been around! Brands that have been around for almost 15 years, like NovaLash shows how great they are. With an industry that grows by the minute, you want a brand that’s withstood the starting years where the foundation is laid but yet they still keep up and remain on top! Just look at NovaLash’s awards and the year range they have won them!

Trusting your Lash Stylist is important but so is trusting the brand. When it comes to eye safety never hesitate wanting to learn more information! That is why I believe it is NovaLash or nothing!

Keep your lashes healthy & knowledge up to date!


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  1. As a Brand Ambassador for Novalash, I absolutely LOVE questions! I love being able to help stylists and professionals with whatever they’re struggling with, or just tips and cheats I’ve learned over the years 😉 and I love that the company has a complete line of retail products developed just for their adhesives… they’re rich in coconut and pomegranate seed oils, to keep the extensions soft and flexible and help them stay put longer than anyone else’s 😀

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