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When most people hear someone mention “Malibu”, they tend to think of a sunny vacation, rum or Miley song. When a hair industry professional hear the term, they think the haircare line. I have no shame in admitting I once thought, “oh, its just another line I am sure it is not that different from other lines out there with clarifying”. But I was VERY wrong! And it took me 7 years to learn this! This is why I think it is important everyone to know about Malibu C.

Obviously, it is not my area of expertise. So let me tell you my story of how I started my information search. I knew I was ready to change up my hair and it was gonna be a BIG one. I also knew my water had tons of nasty minerals building up in my hair as well as an unknown amount of blonde toners, demi colors and product buildup just hanging out on my hair. It felt dry and dull. I was suggested to use a Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment by a fellow stylist. My jaw fell to the floor when I saw the results. It was dramatically lighter in a good way! It felt amazingly soft and had a beautiful shine. I knew then I had to learn about this brand and the treatments to share with the world.

I reached out to my current hairstylist & owner of The Dharma Salon, Ann Deater to get all the information. She was the one mentioned above. I already knew she LOVED education in the industry as much as I do so I asked her to sit down with me and answer some questions. Let’s see what she had to say!

What is Malibu C?

Malibu C is a professional hair care brand that is inspired by nature. Malibu C is not only cruelty-free, it is 100% vegan, and gluten, sulfate & paraben free! This brand is the whole package when you are looking for a company that wants to put you and the environment first.”

What would you say is the usual client take on Malibu?

​”A client may have heard of a Malibu before for people that swim often. They get them done at the salon to remove the ”green” tint that chlorine leaves behind from their hair. But, Malibu C does a lot more than just remove the copper out of a swimmer’s hair.”

Tell me more!

“A Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment is formulated from ascorbic acid, it is vitamin c derived from corn. Yes, the corn that you see growing in farmer’s fields. With that being said, the treatment works by having the opposite magnetic pole as all known minerals that we may find in our water. So yes, the minerals get “popped” out of your hair shaft. This is not a harsh chemical treatment in any way. It is the gentlest way to prep your hair for color, smoothing treatment and even cuts.”

How do you know if you need a Malibu treatment?

Do you feel that you need to wash your hair every day because it gets “greasy” looking quickly? Do you feel that you need to use an excessive amount of shampoo to get your hair lather? Have your highlights “faded-out” or disappeared since you last got your hair done? Is it difficult to get a brush through hair to detangle it? Do your arms hurt because blow-drying your hair takes too long? If you said yes to any of those questions, I can help you!”

What about local to our Brighton/Howell area community? 

“Depending on what our activities are, and where we live-those factors will contribute to the buildup on our hair. For instance, if you live in the city of Brighton, MI, you will have Brighton city water. You are good, right? You pay for your water, it’s already been treated to remove minerals. Unfortunately, that is just a BIG misconception.  The city water in the town of Brighton, MI is just a community well. You will still have to have a water softener to remove the high iron content. Your water softener removes most of the iron, especially when you dutifully keep the softener salt reservoir filled, but it won’t remove all of it. What about when we forget to check the salt and all of a sudden your shower is orange? You took a shower in that water, if it made your tub orange, it deposited on your hair too. You have dark hair- you don’t have that copper hue like your towhead child, you’re good, right? No, same water, same deposit, it just hides better on the dark hair. But, let’s not forget about the neighboring town of Howell, MI. The city of Howell has metered water too. Howell city water lacks the iron that Brighton has but it makes up for it in the amount of calcium and lime that it contains. These are minerals that also need to be removed from our hair to not only feel optimal, but look and style correctly.”

Can I just say this woman is highly educated in the hair industry! I was unaware of all the information I didn’t know about Malibu C but also how it locally can affect my clients. Many people are unaware of water so it is important to choose a stylist who knows all the small details. This makes your hair healthy and color results looking fantastic. Here is some ACTUAL, unedited work with a Malibu treatment on one of Ann’s blonde clients:

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! Stay tuned next week to learn about all of the different treatments Malibu has to offer! Straight from Ann Deater, the CPC appointed Hair Encyclopedia!

Keep your lashes healthy & hair buildup free!


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