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I have gone over what to look  for and what to ask about before you have your full set appointment for eyelash extensions. There are many different ways professionals run their services. So as a disclaimer I will be describing how Color Pins Curls: Lash & Beauty Bar runs their full set appointments. With my experiences and training I have found this to be the best way to run my service.

A thorough appointment is important for both the Lash Stylist and the client. Full set appointments should run over two hours. CPC schedules them for 3 hours. Anything less than 2 hours will be sparse resulting in shorter time between infills as you will most likely be missing quite a bit of information you need to know to take care of them as well as just being informed. And here is why:

Prior to appointment, clients will receive a “Pre Appointment” email containing information of how to arrive to appointment. For example wearing comfortable clothing, avoiding caffeine intake and using restroom. Knowing how to properly arrive will save time as well as make sure everything goes smoothly.

When a client arrives they will fill out consent, studio policy and intake forms to make sure they are a good candidate for the service and that they understand the policies and what they are consenting to with receiving the service. This gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions they may have as well. I then take before photos of their natural lashes. This helps to track a clients lash cycle and to make sure the natural lashes are having the correct diameters, curls and lengths are applied. I go over face shape and eye shape with clients. This helps know what style will work best for them as to what to correct. An example is people with round eyes and face shape will want an Open Eye style with long lengths in the middle because a Cat Eye will make the face and eye appear even wider.This process can take about 25 minutes.

Clients will then lay on the bed and I will use different pillows to make sure the client is comfortable. Knowing you will have your eyes closed for two hours is hard for people who are easily stressed or uneasy without control of all surroundings… while eyes have tape on them and they are being told to relax and not open their eyes. This is why I always suggest a client to bring ear buds with audiobooks. They can listen to whatever topic they would like to and actually take a break from their life.

The actual service will then begin! This includes taping down bottom lashes with NovaLash stickers and gel pads. I then take another picture with the white background to use later. I set up using the NovaLash Glove Technique. This makes everything right in my working area for a faster application time so that I can get every natural lash possible. If client has fluttery eyes or loose skin I use my training and knowledge from the AMAZING community of NovaLash professionals from the customer service NovaLash has at their corporate offices to the Brand Ambassadors and Trainers, as well as other Lash Stylists that are in the lash groups out there. Lashes are applied and then separation is done every 20 minutes and then repeated until about 1 hour and 50 minutes in. Then I cure the adhesive with my fan, spray with my MiniMR, and dried a little more with fan. I double check for any sticking and remove the sticker and pads.

I give a final brush and reveal the new lashes to the client! This is my favorite part because everyone gets so happy and excited about their new lashes and that they don’t need mascara anymore! The client sits up and I go over aftercare/retention rules and tips. I explain what can affect lashes and what does not. Some clients have had other brands so I make sure to explain the key differences like being able to not have to use oil-free products that dry out their eye area. I also take some after photos so that I can show them before and after to really see the transformation.

After that I offer them retail products if they would like and payment of service is added to any retail they will be taking home. Then, we go over how Infill appointments are done and how to reserve appointments online or allow them to pre-book. Clients are on their way at this point.

I will then go through my sanitation process by throwing away any porous materials used and correctly disinfecting any non-porous objects used. After that, it’s time setup for my next appointment. This starts the process over again…

Knowing how an appointment will be done helps you to not worry about timing during the process. Expect to take a nice lash nap and relax while you become a #NovaLashBABE. Like I mentioned above, not all Lash Stylists run their services in the same way. This is just to have a better understand of the process with the way CPC does them.

Keep your lashes healthy & ready for a full set of NovaLash!


2 thoughts on “Full Set: What to Expect!

  1. Brigitte 🖤 says:

    I never thought of sending out a welcome email! I’m going to start this right away
    I just call them the night before, but there’s always things they forget

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry
      Color Pins Curls: Lash & Beauty Blog says:

      I am not a phone talker so I have found this to work best, plus sometimes working late I never know a good time to call a client. This takes out the step by just a copy & paste with entering their email address! 🙂 Having on their phone makes it simple for them to just do a quick check before they arrive as well!


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