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Eyelash extensions are an investment. You don’t want to waste your money or your time, because a full set can take more than 45 minutes… more like 2 hours. Clients should know what to look for when it comes to seeing a new Lash Stylist. Over the past year I have come across quite a few “stressed” clients who had poor experiences with eyelash extensions. And the causes of the issues they had were right in front of them they just did not know.

Here is my list of 10 things to look for before you lay down for that lash nap:

Clean working area. Look at the area you’ll be laying in. Is the bed clean? If there are linens or towels used, are they clean? Go with your gut. If there is dust buildup or messy areas maybe rethink or ask about sanitation procedures. Take a look at their setup for where all the products used are. Everything should look clean and be able to tell they are fresh and not previously on another client.

Clean lash bed, ready for client

2.) Certification & licensing. Look up what licensing your state & local area requires for one to preform lash services on clients. In Michigan, an esthetics/cosmetology license is required. Becoming certified through a nationally accredited company, like NovaLash will have certificates for their Lash Stylists upon completion of their requirements. More certificates shows they have attended multiple classes and invested in their career. These are going to be your best quality and safest Lash Stylists.

Lighting. Good lighting is a must with eyelash extensions. This helps to make sure when prepping you for the service your Lash Artist can see everything around your eye area. You don’t want to have any shadows preventing any natural lashes from showing themselves to your Lash Stylist. Remember a true Lash Stylist should be getting almost EVERY SINGLE natural lash in their 2 hour time for a full set application. Correct lighting also helps with taking pictures for tracking your lash cycle.

Glamcor lighting


Barbicide or sterilizer machine. You do not want dirty implements used around your eyes. Stainless steel needs to be immersed in Barbicide or placed into a dry bead sterilizer machine to make sure they are 100% disinfected. Many Lash Stylist’s will own multiple pairs so they can repeatedly take client after client without waiting for the sterilization process to complete.

NovaLash Forceps sterilizing in Barbicide

Hygrometer. Temperature and humidity tracking are both very important and suggested levels vary for every adhesive out there. Good Lash Stylists track your temperatures and humidity during appointments to make sure the adhesive will work to it’s best ability. NovaLash has the Aura, which tracks  the work area  lowest and highest temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit for the past 24 hours as well as the current. It also tracks the humidity levels at current time you are at your appointment as well as the highest and lowest percentage of the day. Not knowing these two things will affect your retention.

The NovaLash Aura

Brand recognition. In my professional opinion brands shouldn’t all be mixed in. I believe in brand loyalty because their adhesives and aftercare line are specifically made to work together. Some adhesives require oil free products. While others, like NovaLash are oil resistant and encourage using cleanLASH pads that are loaded with oil that cleanses, conditions and removes eye makeup. Brand recognition to their certification is also important because it shows they are educated in the brand technique and products. This helps to make sure you can see the logo on all products so you are not getting cheap bulk products shipped from unknown areas.

Private area. Lash services are usually described with the words, “lash naps”. In order to achieve a lash nap you need a private, quiet area. You do not want people walking by, creating noise. This will make it hard to relax while your eyes must remain closed. Ear buds help to drown out noises but sometimes knowing your in a very open area with high traffic will side track you from getting that lash nap in. Make sure the area you will be is also not too close to a hair color area. The fumes from hair color mixtures can greatly affect your retention and cause problem during application without you being aware!

Client relaxed and ready to begin a full set application

Retail/aftercare. Most adhesives have rules to what you can and cannot use. Having those products you can use available for purchase is important. It shows the salon is invested in making sure their clients have best retention with investment of products specific to their brand. I will say I have tried the cheat ways of trying other options and can assure that with NovaLash, not using cleanLASH pads are the number one reason to poor retention. People will read online cheat ways and most will just breakdown the adhesive because they can contain glycols or carbonates… you know, the two ingredients you need to AVOID. NovaLash also offers a variety of eye makeup products, safe for eyelash extensions.

Color Pins Curls: Lash & Beauty Bar, retail area



Adhesive curing assistance. Look for nano misters, like the NovaLash MiniMR and fans/small air compressers that help cure the adhesive fully so that you do not have any issues immedietly following your appointment. Uncured adhesive will cause fumes to go into your eyes making them sting and water. As well as risks rapid lash loss due to Lash Stylist error.

Consultation and education included. Consultations usually consist of going over consent forms to make sure you are a good candidate for the extensions. This shows you have a reputable professional because they need to know certain medical information and it’s always best to have written record for any future issues should they arise. Not knowing you have a condition you are asked about can help explain retention issues. Aftercare instructions are also important to see because you will not retain every piece if information provided by your Lash Stylist. This way you have a hard copy to refer to during your lash journey. So seeing these papers are a good sign you will be informed before and after your service.

Paying attention to the area you will be in is very important to help know you are having a safe service by the Lash Stylist. Always make sure to ask questions prior to your appointment and you will leave happy and voluminous.


Keep your lashes healthy & eyes open to surroundings!


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  1. Brigitte says:

    Awesome article, these are things I look for with any of my stylists, be it hair, nails or lashes… cleanliness and organization is paramount and speaks volumes about an artists work


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