Meet Your Dry Ends Bestie

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Are you someone who embraces not washing your hair daily and are highly dependent on dry shampoo? Join the club! With those who have chosen this lifestyle one issue I run into is getting dry ends and frizz as soon as I step outside. The days go on and my hair gains confidence, or some call it volume I suppose… but my eyes focus to the ends no matter what. So what can we do?

Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine. Kenra Dry Oil Conditioning Mist. Kenra is a professional hair color and product line that has taken over the hair world for quite some time. I loved their color results so it was only a time before I began to dabble in their hair products. Back to the Dry Oil, it’s made of a 5 oil blend (including grape seed oil and macadamia oil to name a few). Having oils means your ends will be coated to keep the humidity from making it’s way back into your hair. keeping it nice and shiny.

Use this product on dry, fine/normal hair for softness and shine. Since water and oil do not mix you do not want to use this product until your hair is completely dry so that your ends can absorb the oils while also coating the ends without weighing it down. Having it in spray form keeps you from having those heavy oil spots you can get from applying serums with your hands.  There is no hold in the Dry Oil Conditioning Mist but Kenra does also offer a Dry Oil Control Spray that does have hold!


So I put this to the test… I took a picture of my hair and let it air dry after applying a prep spray because you always want to have a primer/foundation product.

I, then sprayed Kenra Dry Oil Conditioning Mist the bottom half of my hair (mid shaft to ends in hair terms). Then I brushed it through with a detangling brush.

After, I did a quick run through of my flat iron on the ends. NOTE: Kenra does not specify having a thermal protectant in this product so make sure you use another product with thermal protection, I had already used my prep spray which contained heat protectant.

My final thoughts? I loved that this laid down my frizz and actually added shine. Most products I have used similar to this tend to feel super oily and weigh down my hair so I have to wash it. I actually ended up using it every other day until I washed my hair and I felt like it helped to condition my ends over all. Definitely a must have for the upcoming seasonal changes in the Midwest. Temperature and humidity changes always love making our hair more out of control than normal. Find your local Kenra retailer to get ahold of this product!

Keep your lashes healthy & hair shiny!


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