Lash Stylist Switch Up?

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As the lash industry grows by the second you will see Lash Stylists popping up everywhere. You will start noticing a good(and bad) set of lashes from afar. You may find yourself asking that perfect set where they get their lashes done and making your appointment as soon as you get home. Always make sure to ask your Lash Stylist about their Infill Policy.

At Color Pins Curls, the policy is that other work will not be infilled by CPC unless I can confirm them to be a current Certified Stylist with NovaLash. Upon arrival to appointment if I look at a set and I am unsure the previous Stylist used NovaLash, service may be declined. This means a client needs to have them removed and then make a full set appointment after 24 hours for clients safety. NovaLash trainer Karlene Winchester also agrees with not infilling others work. No matter the brand, style or possible damage there are reasons to why this actually the correct thing to hear when you ask a Lash Stylist.

Clients may think it’s just a ploy to get more money. But a passionate Lash Stylist isn’t focused on cheating you for money. They want to know you are safe. Let’s remember this is your eye area so you want to avoid having issues. Adhesives reacting to each other is possible and could be a medical problem waiting to happen. Especially if you are unaware you were having cheaper quality lash adhesive used. Cheap quality usually has those chemicals that react with the smallest ingredient.

The other reason why you should understand your Lash Stylists, Infill Policy is because the aftercare rules could be completely different. This means you could have a lot of lash loss fast, causing you to think it is the new lashes. That means you’ll need to get in even sooner. A great example of this would be how NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesive is instantly waterproof allowing clients to not have to wait 24-48 hours to get their lashes wet. It also allows clients to break the rule of having to use oil free products because NovaLash adhesive is oil resistant!

The fact of knowing your eyes are safe is worth the additional investment of removal and a new beautiful full set. Understanding why your Lash Stylist makes policies is important, don’t hesitate to politely ask why. A true, great Stylist will love to share their knowledge with you!

Keep your lashes healthy & keep educating through your Lash Stylist!



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