Square Face Shapes: Read This!

A square face shape can be described when a person’s face width and length are almost equal. Two other characteristics are: a defined jaw and an almost straight hairline. A person with this face shape usually wants to soften the jaw area and bring attention away from the sides of the face, focusing on creating vertical length. Demi Lovato is a great example of a square face shape.

When it comes to hair, square face shapes want to avoid one length bangs and blunt lengthy bobs. Most people also dislike shorter hairstyles. But always remember, if you like a look no matter what your face shape is, then rock it and love it. These are just some tips for people struggling with choosing a new look. Short sideways fringe always looks great, along with long curls with multiple layers to create a textured look. Messy chin length bobs however, always catch the eye on a square face shape.

When it comes to your brows and lashes, keep in mind  a curved, more angled brow fits the face shape. Adding a little round, vertical length by making it “more angled” helps with correcting. With lash extensions, an open eye lash style will benefit this face shape. Cat eye style will just make face appear wide.

When applying makeup make sure to highlight the brows to make less boxy and more appealing. When using darker color contour product of choice, apply heavy to the corners of the hairline to round the face shape. Also, the sides of the bridge of the nose, and slope down the cheekbones quite steeply. Then, go from jawline stopping just before the chin and finish by applying to underside of the chin jaw area on each side.  Switch to your lighter contour color and apply an inverted triangle going above and below with your brows slightly under the halfway point. Next, angle down an oblong oval between outer corner of eye and center of ear angled toward the nose and repeat under your darker contour color as well. Finish with applying the light on the chin. Blend those into place where you like it, then apply blush in a circle motion on the apple/cheek. Complete the contour look with highlighter right under brow, angled toward nose under outer eye corner and centered above upper lip.

With a square shape trying some of these ideas can really change your whole look! If you’ve just felt “bleh” about your look but can never pinpoint it try these ideas and take a before and after to see how much you can really transform yourself and get that confidence!

Keep your lashes healthy & contoured to the square face shape!



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4 thoughts on “Square Face Shapes: Read This!

  1. As a lash artist with ZERO makeup training, this is an awesome article! Thanks for giving me a little help in the lashline shaping department 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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