5 Things Clients Should Know When It Comes to Their Lash Stylist


Being a Lash Stylist requires passion, a lot of education inside & outside of certification classes, as well as communication with their amazing clients. An important thing to remember when it comes to talking with your Lash Stylist is that it is their career… and income. That is why it is important to have respect for them and understanding them. This topic is one that is scary for a professional to just put out there due to fear of offending a client. I see it as educating because sometimes you  don’t know something until it is literally put in front of you. I describe of it as:  would you like someone walking into your job and telling you what you should be making or how you should be doing it. While we love our clients and transforming your lashes here are 5 things to keep in the back of your mind:

1.)    Pricing. Would you rather have cheap work for a cheap price or quality work for a higher price? Questioning a Lash Stylist’s pricing is a topic I hear a lot of. If you want to pay the $60 for a full set I inform my clients that is their choice as to where to go but their experience will be very different than what they would have with my services. Consider their experience, product quality or other additions during service adds up so it causes price differences.

2.)    Appointments. Most Lash Stylists have a set schedule. While booking appointments can vary from online, to calling a salon or texting, you may try to get in during a busy time. The way to prevent the issue of not getting an appointment in pre-booking. This makes sure that you have a time without last minute worrying. Your Lash Stylist does have a life outside of work just as everyone else so always be respectful if they are booked and cannot fit you in. Some Lash Stylists will allow before/after hour appointments for an additional fee. Instead of comments about fees, remember some professionals must find child care or rearrange their personal time to fit you in before your infill appointment becomes a full set charge. Always make sure to also choose the correct appointment. I base infills on time so if you choose a 30 minute infill but need a 60 minute, you will need to make an additional appointment to get all of your lashes back on. Always remember to pay attention when choosing classic or volume appointments. Lash Stylists don’t always have the time to check up on which appointment was chosen especially if they do not know the condition of your lashes.

3.)    Corrections. Sometimes you leave the appointment and decide you wanted volume instead of classic lashes or vice versa. Or you didn’t realize the aftercare rules provided and may have caused some lashes to pop off from breaking down the adhesive.  As much as they may be passionate about their career. The Lash Artist is not only using up time but products and their skills to get you to the point where you love your lashes. Think of it as your boss wanting you to come in on a Saturday and working for free on a project you’ve already submitted.

4.)    Communication. Communication between client and professional is important. Some Lash Stylists do give you their personal number should you run into any issues. This is going to be for emergencies typically. This is not always to text every time a lash may shed, you have a hole where the volume lashes used to be, or to switch around appointments. I always ask my clients to book online so they can see my availability to compare to their own for booking so I don’t sit on my personal time going back and forth until we find an agreed upon appointment. Appointments are the time to ask questions, pre-book and receive your services. Lash Stylists will usually also have a policy of responding during business hours, so be respectful if you have a non-emergency and don’t get a response right away. I always tell my clients that they will get a response within 24 hours but between my life outside of the salon and servicing clients it may take a moment to respond.

5.)    Aftercare. When a NovaLash Lash Artist like Brigitte Sargent says, “you can get them wet and you want to brush daily!” they are not lying. When your Lash Stylist is professional enough to go over aftercare pay attention and read any paperwork they send you home with. They do not do it to kill trees or waste their time with untrue facts. Especially when they take the time during an infill appointment to discuss it with you because they could be nicely hinting that the at home care of your lashes may not be helping you but making it worse. They want you to be able to brag about how long your lashes are staying on! So always listen to what they have to say, they are the professional after all.

Always remember these 5 things with your Lash Stylist. They love and cherish you choosing them as your Lash Stylist and enjoy transforming your lashes every visit. They always treat you with the utmost respect during your services so return the favor and show them the love and respect right back to continue a blossoming relationship while keeping your lashes healthy & beautiful!

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  1. Brigitte 🖤 says:

    I adore this article!
    I wish every client could understand our side of the LashCloud… it can be frustrating at times for sure


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