What is cleanLASH?


We already know my secret use of cleanLASH… the FINALIST for the 2016 American Spa Professional Choice Awards, but what is the actual use for it?

These circular specifically woven lint-free pads are specifically formulated for clients with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. Let’s read it again… NOVALASH EYELASH EXTENSIONS. If your Lash Stylist is using other brands it will not help. Or it could be wasting your money because NovaLash is it’s own category of lashes. (Waterproof & oil resistant!)

These amazing pads are solvent, glycol & carbonate free. The biggest NO-NO ingredients of NovaLash with products used around the eye area. You get 50 pads per cute little container which you can reuse to hold little things BTW! They also contain pomegranate seed oil. I won’t lie and say I did all this research, I am going to speak my words. This oil feels lightweight and actually absorbs into the skin and lashes and doesn’t sit on the skin as a barrier like other oils.

The 3-in-1 cleanLASH pads are to be used daily to prolong the life of the extensions! They condition and cleanse the lashes and eye area and also remove any makeup on the eye area. It’s the only thing that can remover the NovaLash Triptych 24-Hour Eyeshadows too! I always suggest to be used at night as well. When using these pads at night simply swipe the pad directly over from the nose to the outer corner and then down on the skin and over the lashes, they will not snag or catch so you will not have that pull you think will happen. You may notice lashes on the pad after. This is normal and it was those lashes turn to shed. I can promise it’s not the pads causing them to fall out.

PSA! If lashes are not moisturized… they will become dry and brittle and BREAK. So even if you have NovaLash Eyelash Extensions and you choose NOT to use cleanLASH your retention may be terrible. Your Lash Stylist may apply them perfectly but you go home and don’t use the suggested aftercare, guess what? Your eye area is already dry so your natural lashes will probably dry up and prematurely shed or break, as the lash extension cannot be held any longer because the natural lash is brittle and weak. This is where you cannot blame the Lash Stylist unfortunately. It is also why you should look at lash extensions as an investment. Invest and you’ll be happy and have healthy lashes.

To quote Novalash’s website: “cleanLASH by NOVALASH® is designed to not only remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up your clients wear, but will also prolong the life and radiance of their extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture. These cotton pads have been saturated with pomegranate seed extract to detangle and promote healthy lashes and help to reduce flipping [,twisting] and tangling of the lashes, while simultaneously nourishing the eye area”. And guess what, that’s all 100% true and I stand behind that statement!

Like I have mentioned, I have used other brands and their aftercare and it really is NovaLash or nothing! cleanLASH is a MUST HAVE for anyone who plans on keeping their eyelash extensions long term.


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