How Can Curl Effect Infill Frequency?

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You LOVE your lashes after you get a full set and after you shed them out for a few weeks you make your infill appointment. You ask your Lash Stylist to add a little more drama and curl. This is a very common request.

First, let’s explain why. A properly trained Lash Stylist will base your extensions on your natural lash. Now most people aren’t lucky enough to have that perfect curl natural lash. It is very common to have straight to slight curl with your natural lashes. This means the best lash for your lash is going to be B, N- natural, or L curls. (Learn about curl types here) These curls are used on the natural lashes have a longer straight base before the curl begins. This is why they are best for straight and downward facing natural lashes. More for the extension to adhere to. This makes the difference of 2 week infills or 4 weeks.  

Mixing in a curlier eyelash extension can be applied to your lashes and look amazing. BUT, we need to remember that having a shorter base  to adhere and the space between your natural lash and the extension curl is easily affected. Especially if the adhesive is broken down (by not following aftercare rules), and fast lifting causing the extension to prematurely pop off from the natural. When a natural lash with an extension sheds, you will see the natural lash still attached. Eyelash extensions are an investment, that is why a good Lash Stylist will provide you with proper aftercare rules. These are not suggestions for funsies, they are rules to follow to get best retention of your extensions.

You can still get a curlier lash look but you may have to come more frequently for infill appointments depending on amount of curly extensions and suggested curl extensions. If you have all straight natural lashes and decide to get your Lash Stylist to apply C & D curls you will most likely not make it the 4 week goal for infills. Some guests may have things affecting the adhesive, like prescriptions or sleeping on one side or face down in the pillow. These are things that are not always avoidable. So knowing how many of the things that affect your lash retention in your personal life is important.

Make sure to have open communication with your professional. Ask questions even if you think it’s a silly one. A wise woman once told me, retention is 85% at home and 15% during lash appointment. But that 15% includes choosing correct lash curl for your natural lashes.

Keep your lashes healthy & full of curl!




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  1. This is sooooo perfectly true in every way 💚💚💚 we as the artists need to always remind our beautiful clients how the tighter curls won’t hold quite as long… I adore a sweet B curl, I think they’re perfect for 85% of my clients… and just adding a few C or D curls with them gives the illusion of more texture and oomph! ☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Great article! 🖤

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