3 Incorrect Statements That Make My Eyes Roll

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Unprofessional “Professional”. Noun. Defined in my own words as, a licensed person who is in the beauty industry for fast cash and willing to lie to get it. This person also is usually self/internet “trained” or by an individual without nationally accredited company training to learn the correct information and sanitation involved with eyelash extensions. There are 3 things that this type of person typically says, so I am going to tell you the statements and then correct them for you.

So next time you hear any of these statements, your red flag goes up:

“I can do a FULL set in under 45 minutes.”

If this is correct, your poor lashes and eyes may be sore after and be in pain as they grow & shed. Which doesn’t sound worth it to me… or SAFE. To do the entire application safely, with proper isolation, separation and proper curing can take 1.5-2 hours. So if you are done in 45 here is what you will most likely run in to…

  1. Your not going to be happy as they grow and shed. Lashes could be premade causing damage from too much adhesive. Natural lashes are probably glued together and will pull and prematurely shed, while causing you irritation and itchiness. This could cause lashes to not grow back in if too much damage is done.
  2. Your full set is actually just “1/3 set”. Meaning if you take a close look, you will see only about 20-50 lashes at most per eye. Which compared to the more or less range of 150-200 you have per eye depending on who you ask. So you don’t get a full set and will likely be opening up that mascara every day again. (Learn about everyday mascara here!)

“I do/was taught NovaLash technique BUT I hate their products so I purchase different stuff.”

And with that statement I always want that loud buzzer that makes you jump from being so obnoxious. NovaLash is not just a technique and the NovaLash products & techniques are to be used TOGETHER. The technique is based around it’s award winning Platinum Bond adhesive, a product. That is why Lash Stylists trained with other companies will disagree with the technique and have a different one, because different products need different techniques. So what arises with this?

  1. These are also the people who admit to buying lashes from Amazon, eBay, etc. I won’t even start on the chance your eye health being affected. It’s not worth the risk to potentially have eye issues for the rest of your life.
  2. If they’re using or claiming to use some NovaLash things… be aware mixing brands can cause product reactions including lash extension fibers themselves. Example: a client gets from a self claimed NovaLash and goes to a NovaLash exclusive Lash Artist. The next day the glue gets bumpy and lashes start popping off fast from adhesive breaking down. I have seen it happen! This is also why most Lash Stylists will not infill other work.

“NovaLash is just a brand.”

This is true, in a way. NovaLash is a company that stands behind their brand and that is why they are so reputable and people who care about their eyes seek out NovaLash Lash Stylists. The way it is said is incorrect because the person is trying to make it seem like it isn’t anything special. That ANY brand would work. This is a popular one among the unprofessional “professionals”. They say this along with “it’s just a piece of paper to certify” to avoid mentioning that NovaLash is a nationally accredited company that is known for it’s high standards for Listed Lash Stylists and high quality products. It is also printed on specific paper to make sure there are no imposters as well as do not guarantee their Lash Stylist is NovaLash exclusive unless listed on their website. Their Lash Consultants at their offices not only help professionals but clients too. They love educating clients about eyelash extensions… must all just be a cover (that was VERY sarcastic for those who missed it). In all honesty, this statement usually means the person is cheap and doesn’t care about safety of the client to not want to invest in themselves or career. There are other brands out there with certification that will never say a company is just a brand.

Keep an ear out for these 3 statements and always remember to keep your lashes healthy & happy!



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