Eyelash Extensions: The Basics

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When you hear the words “eyelash extensions”, what comes to your mind? Most people first think of band/strip lashes or the cluster lashes which usually have about 6 lashes attached to one base. A true eyelash extension is an artificial, single fiber lash with a blunt base and a tapered tip.
Eyelash extensions are applied, one extension to one natural lash. They are applied by a variety of techniques, that is why it is important to do research before you show up for your appointment. The main goal of the service is so none of the lashes(both extensions and/or natural) are bonded together by the strong adhesive(unlike strip lash latex adhesive),  to ensure healthy natural lash growth. You can be active and not have to worry about your natural lashes being damaged like you would with clusters pulling and tearing at the natural lashes. Just Google some of the bad out there and see the damage that can happen.
The eyelash extension grows out with your natural lash until it sheds. Which keeps it from damaging others around it. That is why the day after your full set appointment you can lose an eyelash, but it could be because that lash was already going to shed off. An important thing to remember is that you can do things to break down the adhesive, causing the extensions to “pop off”.
The last detail of eyelash extensions is that they are meant to last more than one day. Different brands promise different amounts of time between your infill appointments because they shed and regrow you need to “fill” them as they come in. Typically, you will get 1-4 weeks between fills, depending on the brand being used and the expertise level of your extensionist.
Knowing the basics is a great introduction to the world of eyelash extensions! Keep your lashes healthy and voluminous!


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