Lash Map Got You Lost?

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A topic that has always been on my mind is lash mapping. I have always heard about this since diving into the lash world. Lash mapping is basically the gel pad of sticker with some lines and numbers drawn onto it. These lines and numbers tell the Lash Stylist what to apply to the client. Now, I can personally admit, I have NEVER attempted lash mapping. But I have a reason why…

I never understood it. FLASHBACK. During my training, a NovaLash Brand Ambassador made an appearance. Her name? The beautiful Kelley Delmonico (@mpls_lashes_kelley), this woman is my NovaLash inspiration. Being a single mom myself, watching this motivational mom has helped put a little pep in my step seeing her achieve her dreams!Back to the cloudy effect flashback….

While discussing which lengths to place where, Kelley made the statement along the lines of not always going the lash map way. As this is VERY popular for Lash Stylists trained outside of NovaLash. This statement stuck with me. Mainly, because I never understood it with my obsession to learn every little detail of lashes. If a client has an area on their lash line of all anagen baby hairs, am I really supposed to put a 12mm (usually one of the longer lashes) on that little guy???

So what does the 2017 Fan’s Choice Award, Brand Ambassador have to say? “I truly agree with applying the correct length of extension based on where the natural lash is in it’s growth cycle so the weight doesn’t damage the natural lash”, says Delmonico. Another reason why she’s the definition of #bossbabe. She cares about the clients natural lashes. Not about getting that good picture for Instagram. Delmonico continues, ” Of course you can deviate for a certain look, like a cat eye. Not that some lash mapping isn’t beautiful, but in the long run it could cause damage with too much weight”.

While it may not be completely frowned upon, any potential damage is worth avoiding when it comes to your natural lashes. You want to always make sure if a reason comes to have to remove eyelash extensions that your natural lashes are still in tact. This is why I fully believe in the trend #itsnovalashornothing, because they care enough to train to keep healthy natural lashes! It may take some time off and “help” your Lash Stylist. Understand lash mapping may not be the best thing to hear come out of our Lash Stylist’s mouth.

And while I’m at it here is come of Kelley’s work that is just AH-MAZING!

Keep your lashes healthy & happy!



  1. I’m so glad Novalash’s technique uses a more feathery look and differs from using a Lash map. I feel like it saves time while lashing to. Kelley’s Lash work is beautiful She’s an inspiration to us all.


  2. O. M. G.!!! She’s awesome! (Ps… I’m pretty sure I took this gorgeous picture of her 😋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)
    I totally agree with the confusing nature of lash mapping… how are we supposed to keep our tiny Anagen lashes healthy when the “map” says to put a 12mm extension on it?
    I’ve toyed with maps in the past and decided they weren’t right for me or my clients… because lash health is paramount to the Novalash way.
    Great article 🖤🖤🖤


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