The Ugly Truth

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This time without Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl…

Knowing your Lash Stylist is NovaLash Certified is always important. And unfortunately there a few things that can happen, causing a Lash Stylist to no longer be certified with a company. Having standards for after certification shows that NovaLash really cares about the client. Now some will say, “they just want money and make up rules”. As everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am here to share mine about it.

NovaLash does require their Lash Stylists to purchase a certain amount of adhesive & lashes in a year to keep certification up to date. Why? People can be cheap and decide they no longer want to use NovaLash products because they found a GREAT deal on Amazon in bulk. They can’t read the label but they swear it’s legit. They never buy anything NovaLash again but put out poor quality work with products used as well as risk a number of things for the client with sanitation and possible reactions not knowing what products are made of. Trust me, I have seen some things. Don’t get me started on the techniques they switch to after they “re-teach themselves from YouTube.

Another reason  for rules? Adhesive does expire and NovaLash has this rule to ensure that no one is using expired adhesive around your sensitive eye area. I think that’s pretty important. I am one who believes that product lines are made to be used together not a little of this, a little of that. You’re asking for an issue if you do. Brand products work best together, especially NovaLash. And if you want great retention, you want the NovaLash Platinum Bond used with the NovaLash lash options. The quality speaks for itself when compared to other brands… quality over saving a few bucks for who knows what. NovaLash cares about your eye area health and sanitation and that’s a good value for an eyelash company to have in my book. Now to that ugly truth…

A professional can take a NovaLash Certification class and get their pretty certificate to hang up and display. UNFORTUNETLY, someone can not take down that certificate after lapsing on their time for purchasing mentioned products. There are people out there falsely advertising to be NovaLash Certified Stylists. They have the certificate, they say it’s NovaLash products. They also have no retail line for you to purchase. SPOILER ALERT: a Lash Stylist should have SOMETHING to give you for after to work with the products used on you to clean them. Homemade can cause reactions with allergies and retention. Don’t worry I have tested this on clients, it is not “the same thing”. NovaLash has amazing products for client’s to purchase to take home. Like CleanLASH, a cleansing pad that also hydrates lashes and removes eye makeup. So there is 3 products in one, those genius Lash Gods, cutting out 2 extra products! And as they continue to change the Lash Industry they will develop more game changers.

If you got to this point, I would always suggest checking up on certification. If you want to avoid getting to that point I suggest you ask prior to an appointment and ask the Lash Stylist. Or I have a little tip you can do prior to appointment or after you get a red flag… You can check the certification of your Lash Stylist. NovaLash has this available for Lash Stylists as well as clients. Lash Stylists can call to verify someone is still actively certified.

I have recently had to do this with new clients claimed to have NovaLash and I had asked for the name of the former Lash Stylist. I shot a little message to Rachel the beautiful Lash Consultant, and informed me this person was no longer active. Guess what? The adhesives reacted and 1 client’s lashes shock cured and the others fell out within a few days after the adhesive base expanded. Thankfully with good communication on both ends we fixed the issue immediately and she was happy to know she now has NovaLash.

So how do you verify your Lash Stylist is actively certified? You can check for their Stylist listing on If they are not listed they still may be active, just not yet listed. You can message NovaLash through their website under General Inquires, click here. Or you can call  713-520-5848 (NovaLash, Inc.) or +44-01273-041966 (NovaLash International Office, UK) to talk to a Lash Consultant to verify and ask any questions you may have. They are the BEST customer service I have had the pleasure of working with. There are some bad ones out there who hide information and dodge questions. These great people are like an open book with information to share with clients and professionals.

Some people may say, “that’s a lot of work”. What would I say? “Better to take the time to check on things because a possible eye issue/disease/reaction with life altering changes sounds like a lot more work.”

Keep your lashes healthy & beautiful!



  1. This article made my heart sing and dance! I love how you explain and describe just how important it is to be certified with the highest quality company and use the products they offer… I had a hair stylist explain to me once that I wouldn’t get the longest or healthiest wear of a new, wicked fun hair color if I used a shampoo from “Largemart” and a conditioner from “Allgreen’s” and my styling products from the mall.
    There’s a reason professional brands do what they do and recommend what they recommend… they want you to get the most out of your hard earned money and have the safest, healthiest results anywhere 🖤💚🖤
    Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!


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