Different Lashes WITH Picture Assistance


I’m going to start by sharing a few pictures of different angles…

This is to show you what all those types of lashes look like on. I took micro foam tape and put 5 single lashes that resembled what a natural lash actually looks like. Now I did I have to use some Platinum Bond so they would stay standing up for this little lesson. Now to explain all the differences…

So pretend the one labeled natural lash is your natural lash. On #1 I applied a NovaLash classic lash, as you can see it is a little longer and thicker at base. This darkens the lash line.

With #2 I purchased premise fans online. Upon going to grab said premade fan it stuck to packaging and I bent lash and couldn’t fix it. Let’s also look at the base. That’s quite a bit of weight with a fan of a few lashes & some adhesive too. Too much weigh actually. This can cause your natural lash to break off prematurely. No thank you!

#3 is that beautiful American Volume handmade fan as you are getting the extensions. With this life changing technique your Lash Stylist can apply before adhesive fully cures making sure your natural lash is still healthy! And imaging that on every single natural lash is giving me chills of excitement with the fluffiness!!

For #4 I went to my local Sally’s, which is a pro store for everyone. Not salon exclusive quality but it’s okay on a pinch type of thing. These are clusters. The plan of these is to apply latex glue (ew!) and go across lash line just stacking on lashes. So tangling your natural lashes up while mixing in latex glue that will sit in there for days even after you take them off. Some people like to push the limit and brick stack which causes weight to cause premature shedding. These only are for a few hours/one night but beware of lifting edges and heavy winds moving them around. Did I mention those ends are all bent and frizzy like?

Lastly #5 is a strip lash. These are from my local store and we’re the most expensive offered. They’re blunt tips cut on steep angles so the ends don’t look to appealing to me. These are applied with a short term adhesive and like to lift on the corners with the slightest touch or too much eye movement.

Now to the bad news… there are unprofessional Lash Stylists out there that are applying #2, 4 and 5 with a strong adhesive weighing down, clumping your natural lashes causing major harm! Staying informed is part of the lash journey because it is an investment and around a sensitive area. Clients should understand that it’s better to be safe than sorry instead of cheapest price. So get out there and ask your Lash Stylists questions while the regulations on certification slowly catch up to the booming industry!


2 thoughts on “Different Lashes WITH Picture Assistance

  1. Erica Mosqueda Kelley says:

    Nice break down of good application Vs not so good. Pictures definitely help the consumer understand quality and the value of a trained artist

  2. Brigitte Sargent 🖤 says:

    I literally cannot wait for the day this lash industry is fiercely regulated… as a lash extensionist I see the most horrible damage caused by #2 and #4 applied with hair glue and cheap lash extension adhesive… thank you for sharing a birds eye view of what we see every day.


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