Dear NovaLash Triptychs…

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…how I LOVE all you have to offer the makeup world.

The following information is strictly my opinion. It’s coming from a professional as well as a makeup lover. I wanted to just share with the world the reasons why I really love the award winning, NovaLash 24 Cream Shadow Triptych collections.


The first is having 5 options to choose from. You are not limited only getting 5 collections but after you collect them all you have endless possibilities to mix and match their contents. You can also buy these cream shadows individually. These colors are just amazing. They’re very nude, natural but have creatively pigmented fun colors as well.

I love the packaging not only for the appeal of it but it comes in a sturdy magnetic locking type box with a snug security holding the cream shadows in place so everything is not bouncing around opening the box. I mentioned in the previous post about the inspiration behind the packaging & color. I really love how they give you three different looks on each one but after you get these looks down you can create your own looks and trying new combos. So newbies and those experienced with makeup can use them.

Now to my experience. I bought one just to try I honestly did not think I would become obsessed with them! I now own every single one and barely touch my Urban Decay palettes. As a professional I love good event makeup that lasts, as a female I like to apply my makeup once and call it a day… especially when I have plans to go out with friends. This stuff lasted through all of the above. I am excited for summer humidity just to know my makeup will make it through the day. The built in primer ensure it stays on & after you blend your shadow it air dries and STAYS in place. Not to mention there’s no downfall of excess powder, where you apply it is where it stays. So it’s fabulous for eyelash extensions who hate that eyeshadow powder buildup. Trust me I clean if off your extensions, it’s noticeable!

Add in the fact you can use these as more than shadow. You read that correctly!!! You can use these as concealer, highlighter, contour, blush, lip color, brow fill in, and even adding those summer freckles. Stay tuned to see me apply all of these ways on beautiful clients to show all of you.

The Dual End Brush allows you to apply all over the face. With the soft bristles it doesn’t irritate my already sensitive skin. I like to use a cleanLash pad and wipe the brush clean when I change the color I am using to keep the brush hydrated with that pomegranate seed oil and spray with alcohol in between uses.

I cannot stress this whole lasts all day thing. Without the dry cracking skin feeling most “long lasting” products have. Your skin feels moisturized and it stays put even if your body temperature warms up or the summer humidity hits you hard. When you want to remove it all you need is really is a cleanLash pad. Just swipe from inside to outside of lid then top to bottom making sure to cleanse your lashes while you are at it. Then your skin and lashes still feel fabulously makeup free, cleansed and hydrated.

Get your hands on the newest makeup obsession for eyelash extension lovers & makeup fanatics!


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  1. Also obsessed with these shadows! I love how blendable they are, the options are literally endless 🤗👍🏻👍🏻
    Perfect article and perfect timing for hot, humid summer coming up!


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