Dear Moms of Children with Unmanageable Hair


So your child was blessed with thick beautiful curly or wavy hair… and as they get to double digit years you start noticing the tangles, the oily scalp and unmanageable hair. NOT TO WORRY!! I am here to help.

Meet my friend Emily. Her mom has always told me how her daughter had her hair and how she didn’t want to cut her hair short but struggled with managing the hair. I had her bring Emily in to see what we could do. She definitely had thick hair as well as uncontrollable oil at scalp. This is normal for this age and hair type. Emily told me she usually washed every other day, which is better than everyday! I always get excited when I don’t have to go over daily washing cons.

First I used a decent amount of R+Co Crown to loosen up any dandruff flakes and exfoliate the scalp. I massaged the product into her scalp for a minute and then did a thorough rinse.

Following Crown, I used R+Co Acid Wash. This helped to remove any buildup like the oil in her hair & on her scalp. It also helps to soothe the scalp from the exfoliating Crown. I massaged this in and let it sit for 3 minutes. I followed with a rinse then applied R+Co Television conditioner on the ends. Then did another cool rinse.

I blew out her hair with R+Co High Dive, Park Ave & Foil. Showing her how soft and manageable her hair could be.

As she was so happy I gave her the new R+Co Spiritualized dry shampoo mist to take home and keep her hair & scalp healthy between shampoos!

Todays steps can be done every 2 weeks or once a month in salon or at home! They can be used on anyone with scalp issues or buildup on their hair. These products are not just for salon use only, they’re available for retail! R+Co doesn’t hide the good stuff so you cannot achieve healthy hair & scalp only from your stylist! Pick up yours today!




2 thoughts on “Dear Moms of Children with Unmanageable Hair

  1. Erica Mosqueda Kelley says:

    I’m excited to try R+CO, my sister in law has dry scalp issues and can’t seem to find anything to help. I’m gonna refer her to this product line. Thanks for the info

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry
      colorpinscurls says:

      It’s the best! And you always get samples online and free shipping if you spend over $40 which makes it easy!


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