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So you’re finally ready to get eyelash extensions. You’ve done your research and you get ready to make the phone call to book the appointment. You call to find out that there are actually choices of what you can choose. Some are tricky to understand so why don’t we go over them…

Party Lashes… aka Clusters

These are what you need to be careful of. The purpose of “party lashes” are short-term use. Clusters are small amounts of lashes glued to appear like a fan but are usually quite heavy to the natural lash and tend to not look as natural. They are meant to be applied with a latex based adhesive to wear for an event or weekend and easily be removed with no pain.
Unfortunately, there are people out there applying them with a permanent adhesive made for eyelash extensions. This is where all of the horror pictures come from online. These lashes are being applied to multiple natural lashes causing severe damage including premature lash loss and could possibly damage your lashes so bad they may not grow after. This is why you always want to ask for certification and see what products are being used on you. There are people who consider themselves “Self Taught Lash Artists” or decide to learn from a friend not properly trained, who just do not know how much of a nightmare cluster lashes can be.


Classics are the first step to eyelash extension training. There will always be more classic trained Lash Artists, as this technique is easier than the volume technique we will be going over next. There are MANY different techniques out there as to classic application. NovaLash trains with the glove method to ensure no products are unsanitary while being used on a client before application.
Classic lashes are described as a 1:1 ratio. This means 1 eyelash extension is applied to 1 natural lash. So if you have 100 lashes, you will have 100 extensions. These lashes are great for clients with a ton of healthy natural lashes. Clients with holes in their lash line will not always be happy with results as classic lashes do not fill in gaps because you are limited on thickness.
You will hear Lash Artists describe these lashes as .15, .20 & .25. These are the diameter of the base of the extension. .25 are the least used as they weigh more and can cause damage if applied to an unhealthy natural lash by an untrained Lash Artist. A full set should be applied in under 2 hours so be ready to nap during this time. Most clients will say that they need infills every 2-3 weeks to keep the look.
Properly trained NovaLash Lash Artists will customize your classic lashes by choosing from a variety of curls and lengths. This is another great reason to always find a Certified Lash Artist on the Novalash website.


Volume eyelash extensions are custom to each client using a fan effect with very small eyelash extensions. A fan is made by the Lash Artist, then applied with adhesive. I describe what happens next is the fan & adhesive hug around the base of your natural lash and dry in that hug to stay attached without harming the natural lash. They give the client more coverage, fullness and that extra fluffy look. So clients with holes in the lash line or clients with sad lashes that are sparse, volume lashes are here to save the day.
Training for volume lashes is NOT done overnight. If your Lash Artist is trained in a day in both classic and volume…. RUN. You will not only waste money but risk natural lash issues. A reason I love NovaLash is that to even apply to take the Advanced American Volume training you must master classics and wait 6 months after the classic certification.
Volume lashes can be applied 1:2-?. You will hear the terms 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. This can range to high numbers but usually, you want to stay at 6D and under. If your Lash Artist goes 3D then you will have 3 extensions for each natural lash. With 100 natural lashes, you will end up with 300 eyelash extensions applied. These thin lashes come in .05, .07 & .10 diameter and feel very lightweight and natural to clients even though there are more applied. The application time for a full set is under 2 hours, just like classics. Since you are getting more lashes expect a higher price. Luckily you will get over 4 weeks between infill appointments so you save in the number of visits. Your lash look is made custom to you and does not have to be brushed as often as classics. This is because the fans tend to tangle less than individual extensions.
There are many types of volume lash techniques out there but American Volume is the way to go. This technique was created by the AMAZING Sophia Navarro (more about this lashing genius another day) & tends to look more “fluffy” and natural to clients. This technique helps the Lash Artist quickly apply the fan without having to be made ahead of time keeping the adhesive weight light for safe natural lashes. Some volume techniques look a little too voluminous or have that “fake” look, which leads to possible natural lash damage & unhappy clients.

Be Cautious

Volume is a beautiful & healthy look… if your Lash Artist is hand making the fans during the application of them. Always be aware of the “cheaters” out there. There are premade fans a Lash Artist may purchase. They come already fanned with adhesive to hold them. This means the Lash Artist will be adding even more adhesive before application adding more weight. It cannot wrap around, or “hug” the natural lash. This causes the fan to not last as long and prematurely come off the natural lash or take the natural lash with it. Premade fans can also be confused with cluster lashes, not only by clients but Lash Artists who are not properly trained as well. So it’s best to avoid them all together.

An honest & talented Lash Artist will always be open to showing you what they are going to use on you as well as make sure your natural lashes are healthy when choosing which style you should have applied. So after you visit NovaLash.com and find your closest Lash Artist make that appointment. Talk with them to see what your best choice is.

Still unsure which look you want and need the visual? The beautiful & talented Erica Kelley(@Erica_k3lley), a NovaLash Brand Ambassador and owner of Salon E in Beaumont, Texas has kindly shared some pictures… on the same client! This way you can really see the difference of each style of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions without having a different person with different features to throw you off!





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7 thoughts on “What’s Your Type?

  1. Zoe Kinnear says:

    Great work by Erica personally I love volume lashes, but it’s so important to find a reputable lash artist who knows what they’re doing!!

  2. Michelle Mirizio
    michelle mirizio says:

    Although I am a big fan of volume by Novalash, it is great to have a choice for your clients!!! #novalashlove

  3. Erica Mosqueda Kelley says:

    My favorite is American Volume! Majority of my clients have made the switch, which makes me happy. Everyone can achieve a fluffy look without the lashes being to heavy. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Andrea Mcquade says:

    Fabulous article. It is so important to educate clients on the different types of lashes which are available. Talking to clients helps get a better understanding of what type of lashes the clients is looking for and the desired effect they would like their lash extensions to have. X


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