Get On the Grid, Your Hair Will Thank You!

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R+Co has so many amazing products it’s hard to choose one to talk about sometimes. The one big problem I run into with clients is they love the heating tools on their hair but don’t think about the damage because they crank the heat all the way up. So let me introduce you to one of my favorite products for anyone using heat on their hair. Meet Grid, the structural hold setting spray.

With the wonderful scent of R+Co’s “Relative Paradise”, this aerosol uses a styling polymer thickens & protects hair against damage. It also contains propylene glycol, a moisturizer that promotes water retention & prevents waterless. It also keeps frizz & fly away problems locked out of  your hair. So stop worrying about all that frizz on your ends!

How do you use this must own for stylists doing any event upstyling? I like to section out hair into 1-1.5 inch sections and spray each section before you use ANY heat on your hair.Shake this product well before use on dry or damp hair. If you spray and see white, keep shaking. This will make your hair feel a little sticky but just wait until you use the heat on it. Your hair will feel silky soft but have amazing & lasting hold.

Use R+Co’s Grid, only when you are using hot tools for styling, literally every single time. This makes the perfect foundation for styles that need to last all day and look good, like weddings. It may be lightweight but it has a lot of memory of strong hold.

If you are just wearing your natural style, skip this product. It is not for your day off on styling. There are other products to use for that, we can discuss a later day don’t you worry!

After you use the heat with Grid your hair will feel amazingly healthy and last all day so you don’t have to worry about a thing but making sure you show off how good it looks! Purchase at a local salon or online at today! You will not be disappointed. Your healthy hair compliments will assure you this is worth every penny.




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