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One topic I am asked about a lot is “Microblading” and “Soft Tap”. Being a person who is afraid of needles, blood, and most medical things, I always told my clients that I wasn’t sure about it but to make sure whoever they went to, make sure they are clean and reputable. One thing I do know is certification of it can be iffy. Sharp instruments and blood are involved so there are bound to be some BAD outcomes. Starting my investigation, I went to the internet, looked at pictures of local work. And let me tell you there are some scary things out there.
I started looking locally and saw how pricey it was, so I was assured it’s not something I would not want to waste money on if done incorrectly. I don’t know anyone personally who owns a salon/business that I could reach out to. I thought I found someone whom I asked about the procedure but was blown off by inquiring information. A red flag because reputable professionals should inform even possible clients about their services without secrets. Secrets to me, mean that something is being hidden from a client. I knew I needed to talk to a reputable professional ready to teach me a thing or two. And by fate, I did just that.
While lashing a client I noticed her brows were fabulous! I complimented and she told me who did her microblading and how she was actually going to get them filled soon. (Side note: every person I have seen before they go in for a fill… their brows did not look as good as this client! I thought they were just healed up)!
As fate would have it, less than a week later the person who did her brows was on my lash bed. Trying not to be awkward I did the whole, “where do you work, oh what’s that, etc.”. She laid there answering my random questions. Anytime I talk to a professional in the beauty industry I try to think of the most random things I have been asked for two reasons. They are clients questions so it’s better if I know them… but also because if they are passionate and know every little thing about their service that shows they are going to most likely be legit. No secrets= less chance of problems.
Following her leaving, I immediately texted some clients saying that I had met someone in microblading! I could do some research and see if I would recommend them to her. I also asked some of my clients in the salon for the next 2 weeks what they wanted to know about this “popular brow tattoo thing”. I take pride in my professional reputation, I am not going to refer my friends or clients to someone so they can make fast money or because I am in a networking group and have to promote their businesses. I only refer people I would let work on myself, especially in the beauty industry. It’s just better to have the true, honest and safe professional do medical type services on you even if the price is a little more in my opinion. You usually can compare higher prices to higher product quality.  Have we all not read about the breast and butt implants gone wrong stories, or watched “Botched”?
At her next appointment, I asked if it was okay to do a little interview to answer some questions that my clients asked me. She agreed, and thank goodness she did because I had already stalked her business page to see the work and I was impressed. To me, she was creating the best brows in Brighton, Michigan based on photos. I just needed the comfort of knowing she could walk the walk and talk the talk. Here is what information I got…

Who is she & what is her background?
Alana Cogo, is the owner of 3D Brow Artistry, specializes in Microblading and is a Pigmentation Specialist. With her extensive training, she has been a certified Para-medical Esthetician for the last 16 years. She is a Certified Microblading Technician through Brow Design, Certified in her Master Course in Micro-shading and Ombré Brows through Deluxe Brow, Certified in Para-medical Permanent Make-up for Scalp Pigmentation, Areola Pigmentation, and Tattoo Removal through Center of Permanent Make-up of Ottawa Canada, Certified in Advanced Areola training with IAPMU.
She also has another artist at 3D Brow Artistry, Melina. Melina is a Certified Microblading artist through 3D Brow Artistry Inc., Permanent Make-up, Soft Tap, and Microblading artist through New You Face and Body Academy, and Certified in various Microblading techniques through Phibrow Academy. Alana explained to me that at 3D Brow Artistry all employees/artists must be highly trained, certified, and insured. All artists must be certified in CPR and Blood-borne pathogens course. 3D Brow Artistry Inc. strictly adheres to the safety protocols for their clients and employees protection and safety.


What is Microblading and Soft Tap? And what’s the difference?
A Microblading procedure is done by stroking each hair stroke individually while inserting pigment into the skin at the same time. The pigment is implanted just below the epidermis layer using a handheld tool, making the procedure semi-permanent. Touch-ups are needed every 6 months to a year depending on skin type, external, and internal factors. Microblading is ideal for clients with non-oily skin types and those free of autoimmune diseases.
Soft Tap Procedure is performed using the same blade as Microblading but instead of stroking the pigment into the skin, the pigment is repeatedly tapped into the skin, emulating real hair strokes like Microblading. The hair strokes are a little thicker due to the tapping motion, but with a great artist, you will hardly know the difference. Soft Tap goes deeper into the skin, making it harder for your immune system to reject. This procedure is great for clients with autoimmune issues, oily skin, alopecia, or when Microblading just won’t stay in the skin(a small percentage of the population Microblading will not withhold in the skin). Since the pigment is being implanted into the skin deeper, this means fewer touch-ups are needed since your body can not shed the pigment as easily. Most clients do not need touch-ups with Soft Tap until 1.5-2 years out.

Does it hurt?
Generally, the procedure has very little pain involved when done correctly. 3D Brow Artistry will topically numb with anesthetics before they start the procedure and throughout the entire process. Most of their clients are quite comfortable, some even fall asleep!

What is the aftermath of these services(the healing process)?
Healing from Microblading & Soft Tap officially takes a full 4 weeks. With that being said, within two weeks your brows are completely healed over but are still going through the healing process. From day 2-7 your eyebrows will look darker and denser. This is because the pigment oxidizes and sits on top of the skin until the healing process starts. Your hair strokes can appear thicker and darker during this period. Normally by day 7-10, your eyebrows will start flaking revealing a softer lighter color. Once this process starts to happen clients often panic because they are used to the dark density of their brows and feel like they are now too light or they have lost some pigment completely. Don’t worry! The pigment is still there, during the later weeks of healing process pigment will start to reappear. If pigment does not reappear this is too a normal part of healing. Clients can lose up to 40% of the pigment color after the first session. This is why the procedures are split into two appointments (sometimes three). If anything is rejected after the first session, the second “perfecting session” the artist will re-implant the pigment back into the skin.


Are there rules for before appointment?
3D Brow Artistry does have rules before you have either Microblading or Soft Tap procedures. Caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulates must be stopped at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you are on blood thinners, you will need a doctor note to stop your blood thinning medication 1 week before your appointment. Motrin and Aspirin must also be stopped 48 hours before your appointment time.
It’s best to plan your eyebrow procedure around your menstrual time. During your cycle, you are more sensitive to the procedure.
Clients with Autoimmune diseases must come in for a consultation first, to figure out the which method best suits their situation.
No permanent makeup procedure can be performed on pregnant women, or any client going through cancer treatments. Always double check for any updated rules prior to the appointment with your artist is always a suggestion of mine.

How much do these cost?
Microblading prices run $300-$600 depending on artist and skill level. Soft Tap prices $499-$700. Prices are a little higher for Soft Tap than Microblading because the procedure takes longer, more pigment is used, and it lasts longer.


How can you see their work?
Go to to see more about the business as well as to see their Portfolio. Check out their social media accounts for more photos of transformations! 3D’s Instagram is 3d_brow_artistry. You can also find 3D on Facebook under @3dbrowartistry. Make sure you follow, like, etc. They post any last minute openings  and more information about what they have to offer!

How do you book an appointment?
Call 888-3D BROWS (332-7697) or email to book your appointment! At 3D Brow Artistry they have different artists and skill levels. Prices and availability to schedule appointments are based on this. Generally, for to get an appointment with Alana Cogo, owner of 3D Brow Artistry, you want to book your services at least 60 days in advance. Melina the other senior artist is about 30 days booked out. So keep this in mind when you contact 3D. These are not a call a few days ahead kind of appointments.

Where is 3D Brow Artistry located?
You can find 3D Brow Artistry at 213 W. Main Street Suite 9, Brighton, Michigan 48116. It is located in downtown Brighton, next to Ciao Amici’s across from the Millpond. Make sure you go on the back side of the building. You will find 3D’s office and additional parking there. You will find them right inside the back entrance, you’ll see their name on the window. You’ll find a welcoming front desk area when you enter.

I’m so happy fate brought this beautiful woman to my business to share her with all of you. She was knowledgeable and happily answered all of my questions. If I ever get over my fear of needles and stop being a baby, she would definitely be the one I would go to. Don’t worry if I ever do I will be sure to report about it. If you had a bad brow job do not fear. 3D Brow Artistry can help! Set up a consultation and let them inform you of your options.

From being a professional who told her clients to not get microblading I can assure you, Alana has changed my mind!

Do you have this done? Would you? Comment below!!!

Keep your lashes healthy & brows on fleek!




  1. This article is so perfectly timed, in our industry there are literally hundreds of people watching YouTube videos and buying pigments on eBay 🤨😳🤨
    This article gives the non-professional a clear idea of what to ask and look for 🖤🖤🖤
    Thank you!


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