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I have previously talked about this issue but want to go a little more in-depth after a few more months of paying attention and hearing some scary things. When it comes to choosing your Lash Artist I really cannot stress enough to clients to invest and go to that Lash Artist who charges a little more and not go cheap. The big reason being certification. There are not many regulations when it comes to most states and offering eyelash extensions. Luckily, some brands have caught on and will only certify Lash Artist’s if they have a cosmetology, esthetics, aesthetics, or nursing license. And to those who do, THANK YOU for having standards. When the law makers catch up, all of those company’s trained & certified artists will be safe… and not have wasted whatever money spent incorrectly on poor training.

First, people started to think, “Hey I can do this!” and lashing after a few online videos. But now we have individual and even salons offering “training” to do eyelash extensions. Remember those YouTube video trained people? Yep, they’re out there training people. That’s great for people who want to go the cheap route. But cheap attracts cheap so your products used on you will probably be cheap and chances are your going to not be happy in the end. Before anyone makes the comment “some brands training are over priced…” I will say this, I did a lot of research about companies and knew Novalash was the best! So I had to motivate myself to save the money for training… twice. I am a single mom who doesn’t get all the financial help in the world but with motivation and finance control I did it. You just have to want it. And as a client you should want the best training & quality working on you. Unless your eyes aren’t important then go ahead X out of this post.


Having a Lash Artist train through a company is good because they back up their technique & products with hands on classes. Because when you patch test, follow the technique, use products correctly there should be no error. NovaLash for example has been around almost 15 years!!!! Obviously there’s a reason for them being known worldwide. They make their products with the best quality ingredients and think about the client’s safety first. They only list Certified Lash Artists they believe in.

I’ve seen more than 3 people “train” and can already tell they wasted money. They weren’t even given a book or test. Just show up for a day watch someone maybe try it yep they’re good to go. NOT. You need to know quite a bit before you attempt a service and someone pays, Would you like to be someone’s first and not know? It takes time to get this skill. Some get it faster but for the most part it takes a little time. And it’s main blame is poor training,

If your Lash Artist doesn’t have that printed paper they wasted money. That printed paper is usually custom ordered on special paper for the company to be able to catch frauds. Yes, they’re out there. That paper is like a contract from the company saying we believe in this person.

The second issue I have with these people training because they feel like it is they don’t have set kits from a company to use. It is important to only use the brand products suggested. They only test their products together to ensure best results. So if the lashes are from Amazon, the glue from Sally’s Beauty Supply, the tape from the local dollar store and the cleanser made from ingredients from their house, you can know your Lash Artist saved a ton of money, and you have a high chance of something going wrong. Look for those product logos all matching!

The third is my big thing, sanitation. You need to know what and how to clean certain tools, And some things used legally must be thrown away! I’ve had clients tell me they have seen people go into the lash pot with tweezers used on them. So anything in there now is contaminated if you had any eye germs to spread. And they spread fast. Every surface must be cleaned… I could go on and on. I love all the sanitation covered in Novalash’s training book. I feel it really helps me stand out. Some trainers just say clean things once a week that should be changed daily. just spray with alcohol and reuse with things that should be thrown away, whatever else is out there… if companies didn’t cover this then they would have horrible reputations & Lash Artists and word would spread fast. So keep that in mind.

From the Lash Artist point of view, what are you going to do when something reacts because you were trained incorrectly? Anyone can say they were certified with any company but you want them to have that company exclusive training certificate too. That way the trainer can tell you every little thing when it comes to products or what if situations. And you gain access to SO many other people working with the brand and can network and learn so much from those people in many ways! Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials. If your spending anything you don’t want it to go to waste.

If you’d like to find your local Lash Artist for Novalash go to:

If you’re ready to see why it’s Novalash or Nothing when it comes to training check out: (this includes conversion courses for those who have certified with other reputable brand classes).

Keep your eyes safe & your lashes pretty!




  1. Are industry is always changing! This is such a great article. I don’t know how many people I come in contact with that don’t care about education they just want to pay “$20.00” for lashes it’s horrible. Being trained by novalash you will get educated by the best trainers and company out there. It’s NovaLash or Nothing Else!


  2. Great article. It’s frustrating as a Novalash stylist & educator that there are so many people out there claiming to “apply lashes” and have never taken a certification class so are ruining the clients natural lashes. Novalash has taught me so much and helped in bringing my education so much further. Novalash is the only way to go 🙂


  3. Novalash Training technique and training covers all aspects! That’s what I love about it. From safety, health issues, sanitation, etc!
    Knowing this you should always find a stylists that is certified


  4. I couldn’t agree more!! Novalash really set the standard for me after researching other brands. The support from Novalash as well as the other Novalash artist helping me through my lash career. The training book is so well thought out and the material coverage is amazing !!! Knowledge is power and your eyes are everything.


  5. Great job. I love this as lash artist it is so important to ensure that continued education is key. It’s what keeps us and NovaLash at the top of our game. X


  6. This beyond perfect.
    As a Novalash certified extensionist, I can’t recommend enough, finding a lash artist who has been trained by the best… who insists on using the highest quality products and staying on top of industry leading trends and topics.
    I found all of this with Novalash… I love the knowledge I’ve gained and the never ending support from my trainers and family of Novalash artists.
    Do your homework and find the best artist with the highest level of certification and training!
    Your eyes deserve the best! 💚💚💚


  7. Well said⭐️ Continuing education is a must and having a Lash company like Novalash Cheering you on with much support is what made me succeed.


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