Why Mascara by Novalash is MUST HAVE!

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I have sensitive eyes and one thing I always struggle with is finding a good mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes. When I stumbled upon Mascara by Novalash I felt like I could finally wear mascara without worry!

The game changer was specifically formulated to be friendly NovaLash eyelash extensions & NovaLash adhesives. With a rich, deep black color this amazing mascara is water soluble & helps fill in the lash line where extensions have shed. BUT you do not need extensions to wear Mascara by NovaLash I wear it on my natural lashes. (Until I get my volume lashes on at the end of the month)! And make sure you’re sitting down for this one, it is CLUMP FREE & doesn’t dry out or flake off during the day. I am not lying! I was shocked & very impressed.
This mascara is also healthy for your lashes! It contains vitamins A, E, and C helping your natural lashes to not only grow but stay nourished & hydrated. I have never been happier with feeling my natural lashes after taking off mascara & it doesn’t leave black residue behind! Another bonus point for this great stuff!
When applying the mascara ONLY apply to top 1/2 of the lashes towards the top. You don’t need to wiggle just gently tap the tip with the wand and swipe up that curl tip to the top. With Novalash Advanced American Volume lashes, make sure you only focus on your natural lashes. Too much weight on your fans can cause them to collapse and prematurely fall out.
To remove Mascara by NovaLash, simply use some warm water to rinse the eye area(no scrubbing!) followed by your cleanLASH pads removing any leftover mascara revealing beautiful mascara free lashes.

Another win for a NovaLash product in being the safest & best! If your looking for that secret gem out there when it comes to mascara




  1. It’s amazing! I’m so glad Novalash formulated an extension friendly mascara. My clients love it and I love the fact that is washes off with just water, so it’s a win win!


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