Prepare for the Bleach!


As summer approaches so do clients that want to be bright and blonde. Lighter hair is always a summer trend and to get there you want to start preparing for it in the spring. An important thing to know is being that beautiful blonde is an investment outside of just going to the salon. In the salon and at home make sure you have these R+Co products on your vanity to have healthy hair and scalp while you begin your transformation.
Before you get in the chair to start bleaching talk with your stylist. It may be a process that you will not reach the first time. Some people take steps because it can also cost a lot of money so always ask your stylist about pricing. No one likes leaving with a surprise bill of hundreds without a little warning prior to checkout. And I will warn you, some keep it a secret to avoid you turning down a service.

One thing I like to do is start with Crown scalp scrub to exfoliate the scalp. Due to living in Michigan where Mother Nature really dislikes us, many people have dry scalp from the up and down weather. Crown exfoliates the scalp to loosen & remove dandruff, promoting a healthy scalp.

I follow-up with Acid Wash at the shampoo bowl. This apple cider vinegar rinse is applied at the scalp and stays on up to 5 minutes. While stripping off the build-up but leaving the natural oils this is a dry shampoo lover’s new bestie. I give the clients scalp and nice relaxing scalp massage to stimulate it and go over at-home care to prepare for the appointment about a month away.

I suggest using Television Perfect Hair shampoo & conditioner, which most of my clients already own because it is that amazing. This stuff is seriously a gift from the hair gods. You use a small amount and your hair literally gives you instant perfection. It gives you body, shine, strength, softens and smooths. have yet to meet a person who did not see a difference from one use.

After I give a good, lengthy rinse I towel dry the hair and condition with Atlantis conditioner and leave it on for 10 minutes. To prepare for bleach you want to hydrate. I rinse the Atlantis out & I tell them to use their other R+Co products as usual at home while I style their hair.

I also suggest purchasing Palm Springs & using once a week even after they’re blonde. It comes out as a foam and a little goes a long way. Don’t waste this precious dry hair savior. Apply it dry leave it for 10 then rinse in cool water. Your ends will feel revived. This is perfect for after using a lot of texture products like Rockaway, Badlands, etc. after you go blonde to maximize damaged hair health.

After we start the blonding process another good tool to have is Tinsel. First, let me say with most product lines, I HATE oils. But with R+Co Tinsel I love it. You don’t have the thick greasy feel. It absorbs right into your hair shaft to smooth your hair and hydrate it with all the nourishing oils & vitamins in it. The best part is you can use it and then blow dry without cooking your hair. Tinsel makes your hair even stronger, smoother & shinier.

If you feel that you like ashier blonde or your hair is getting a little brassy you’ll want  to get ahold of Sunset Blvd. This is an everyday purple shampoo and conditioner that will keep the brassy tones out without turning your hair purple or gray.

Invest in these products & your hair will be perfect & blonde… AND still feel amazing!


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