Who Else Loves Candy?


Everyone loves candy… even when it comes to lashes. When I think candy I think bright colors, shine & sugar granules, which makes me think about glitter. Which is not only my favorite but also what makes NovaLash candied lashes stand out against anything in the lash industry. LASHcandy is a patent-pending, exclusive to Novalash certified artists & created by the AMAZING Sophia Navarro. (And if you don’t know this gorgeous woman, you will next month after I get the chance to meet her at the Advanced American Volume class in Chicago.) They may be an add-on service but are worth every penny with their fantastic quality and staying power of 2 weeks!
LASHcandy lashes are hand dipped, freeze dried & crystalized lashes. They are cut to fit the desired look and like all NovaLash lashes, they are tapered at the ends for that full lash line look.
I know what you are thinking, “Really? Glitter on my lashes? I am not 5″. And I get it. I didn’t think I would ever get into them. But after seeing some of the work out there by some amazing NovaLash Lash Artists I have taken the plunge and purchased 6 and plan to purchase more as time goes on. So what colors are there to choose from? NovaLash offers 10 colors you can mix together or use just one with your lashes, including:

Cinnamon Toast (Brown)
Black Raspberry (Blue-Black)
Mint Chocolate Chip (Green)
Pink Lemonade (Pink)
Butterscotch (Gold)
Sugar Plum (Purple)
Licorice (Black)
Wintergreen (Silvery Light Green)
Gum Drop (Silvery Lilac)
Snow Cone (Light Silver)

Besides the Diva, who else would want to find their nearest Lash Artist to have some LASHcandy as soon as possible? You can get a subtle look just adding a few to make your eye color pop, add a little or a lot for:
Fun just to sweeten things up
Big or small event
Designated month (like Breast Cancer Awareness Month-pink & Child Abuse Awareness Month-blue)

Now to introduce you to NovaLash Lash Artist, award-winner from of the 2017 Lash Games in London, Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards nominated, Lindsay Chambers(@beautybylindsaykirkintilloch). Just mentioning LASHcandy she said, “I love candied lashes! I use them loads at Christmas and summer clients go crazy for them”. Below is a photo of one of Lindsay’s clients to show how a little color can really make the eye pop!

Click Here to see a video showing how this look is a blink away!

So check out https://novalash.com/find-stylists/ today to find your nearest Lash Artist and ask for some LASHcandy!

5 Thoughts to “Who Else Loves Candy?”

  1. Ahh I love the blue raspberry
    It’s very pretty blended in the set. I love how we know they are there, but aren’t in yours or everyone’s face raging with glitter.
    They are very elegant, soft and subtle.
    When the light catches the sparkle, it’s one Beautiful sight!

  2. Michelle Mirizio
    Michelle Mirizio

    I candy!! I luv all the colors and the Sparkle!!!!

  3. I literally just used Blue Raspberry for the first time yesterday and they were absolutely beautiful!!! Such a deep blue
    I cant wait to get all the Candied Lash colors!

  4. It’s a great way to celebrate every holiday… or someone that has a special event. It just give the eyes a little something extra

  5. A sweet way to make a clients eye twinkle

    Nice job Lindsay. I Love how you incorporate black raspberry to matching her eye color. Definitely stands out.

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