Discover the Importance of the Aura


Do you ever go to an appointment and notice a small gadget somewhere with all these numbers on it? Good!  That means your Lash Artist cares and is avoiding any lash errors on their end with the adhesive curing incorrectly.

One of the important things with lashes is the bond that you get with the natural lash and the eyelash extension. This is with the adhesive. Adhesive is a picky, tricky, little thing. It likes a certain environment and if it does not get its way, then it has a temper tantrum and will refuse to work with you. Basically, like a child going through terrible two’s.

Some adhesive has to have ONE specific setting and if it’s not there your Lash Artist will be dealing with a lot of stress, worrying if you’ll be texting in a few days. Luckily, the fantastic Novalash has Platinum Bond adhesive. Platinum Bond loves to aid a Lash Artist to be a little flexible, just like the rubberized agent in it! It does so by allowing the Lash Artist to help their adhesive cure to their speed. If they tend to work slower they can take out moisture from their area. If they are a little speedster they can add moisture so the adhesive can keep up. Taking away a lot of stress from the Lash Artist.

That is where the Aura comes in. Novalash is always raising the bar in the eyelash industry and the Aura just deserves a round of applause, or 10. Having this in your lash area should make you lash nap easy. There is no more guesswork for the Lash Artist using the Platinum Bond. Seeing this cute, little fella in a room shows they care but also want to look chic. There are other meters out there but let’s be honest… none that look cute, And out of the 3. I have used, You had to change screens or they were confusing. So I would always get mad.

The Aura looks like the Novalash fLASHlight that I am obsessed with. If you love taking selfies, fLASHlight is seriously my favorite light for work and home! It’s for clients too! No guesswork means no added stress to Lash Artist so you can lash nap stress free. My favorite part? All on one screen. Highs, lows and current readings of temperature and humidity to know how the adhesive will cure.

Making the perfect conditions is very important for successful lashing so ask your Lash Artist what the Aura of the lash area is… and slowly close your eyes to begin your appointment after they show you theirs!


2 Thoughts to “Discover the Importance of the Aura”

  1. I’ve used novalash’s Platinum Bond series for years…. and I love everything in this article.
    Our adhesives CAN throw little temper tantrums if we don’t know what we’re doing in the humidity department, but this little Aura helps us out immensely!
    Thank you for highlighting it! I love that Novalash is always looking out for our best interests and what can help us the most

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry

      It’s Novalash or nothing!!!! I’m just so happy how great of a company they are as well as choosing only the best BA’s to help us newbies

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