I Asked the Pros… Here’s What They Have to Say!


When a client comes in for eyelash extensions, some think they know everything & some go in blindly hoping it turns out well. The most important thing about getting eyelash extensions is to get educated by your Lash Artist. So you know what is going to happen during the service and what to expect after.

I had a client recently that did not know she needed to brush her lashes. I was infilling her because she had Novalash on, as I started the service I noticed the mascara clumps of doom. She informed me that she just switched to Novalash but wasnt told anything. She figured it was the same as the previous brand she used. That led me to think to myself…  “Self, I wish this poor client knew so much more. I must tell her as much as I can so she doesn’t need infills every 10 days”! So I asked some professionals, “what is one thing they wished clients knew before getting eyelash extensions?”. Let’s see what these lashing ladies have to say…

Danielle Stine, (@dstinemakeupfx) from Salon Noelle says what all Lash Artists think:

“How important aftercare is! That keeping your lashes cleaned and brushed will prolong them.”

The woman does not lie! Aftercare is always VERY important for clients to know. If you don’t know anything about aftercare when you leave, I’m going to go out on a limb and say your lashes probably won’t last like they are supposed to. If you have eyelash extensions you need to know importance of cleansing the lashes with cleanLASH pads to prevent any issues with your eye area because it is sensitive. Also, brushing them often to keep lashes from tangling, causing damage and premature shedding.

The owner of Lets Talk Makeup in West Palm Beach, Michelle Mirizio (also a Novalash Brand Ambassador) says:

First off what their expectations are (be on the same page) they may be looking for ‘drama Lashes’ the longest thickest Lashes their natural lash cannot uphold. If they can they do need sooner infills, fill ins, touchups (whatever you prefer to call it) so they need to understand that aftercare is so important for many reasons.”

To translate for clients, your lashes can only hold so much with extensions. If you want dramatic lashes your natural lashes can prematurely shed from the weight (more on this below) and you will also need to get infill appointments more often because you will want to keep that full look to still stay within you Lash Artists infill guidelines. Aftercare is always VERY important for clients to know. If you don’t know anything about aftercare when you leave, I’m going to go out on a limb and say your lashes probably won’t last like they are supposed to.

Lash Artist, Lisa Mccarroll says:

“I wish they (clients) understood the importance of open communication. if they would be open about homecare, lifestyle, expectations, we as stylist can provide them with the best service and truly meet their needs.”

This is a very good point from a pro point of view. Many clients do come in after breaking rules and lie. We know when you wear mascara. Being honest with your Lash Artist will get you the best results. We can’t stop you from doing stuff at home but if you lie and say you don’t and your lashes fall out within a few days, I can promise you that’s why. Be honest. We can tell you about the mascara by Novalash that is extension safe &  inform you about cleanLASH pads to remove eye makeup so you don’t get buildup. All pros have their own arsenal of tips for you at home you just have to ask and be honest. It will save you money in the long run.

To add to Michelle’s response, fellow Pro, Rebecca Thompson says:

“Setting a realistic expectation can be challenging with some clients. Creating a safe and comfortable lash experience is always based on natural lash condition, and, while we always strive for perfection, we cannot create something from nothing, nor will each eye be 100% the same – that’s a strip lash!”

If you want unrealistic expectations a true Lash Artist will tell you “NO”! It may not be what you want to hear, but we also do not want you to cause natural lash damage. That’s why I RAVE about Novalash training. They don’t do these “maps” and put extensions on natural lashes if it is going to cause you issues. Baby lashes are across your lash line so you can’t put the longest lash on it! By the end of the day that poor follicle will probably be damaged. I love how Rebecca points out that your eyes are not the same, just like your brows… they are sisters NOT twins! Your lash cycle controls what we can do for you. One infill you may have all baby natural lashes & the next you have some longer ones. You also may have straight natural lashes on the left eye and some curly ones on the left.  Work with your Lash Artist to learn about your cycle to find your best times to come in & what lashes are working best with your lash cycle & lash type. Refer back to the being open & honest thing.

My opinion? Well I agree with all of the above and since I am last I have to think of something else because they all covered some big points for clients to know. I would say for me, something I wished clients knew is:

“This is a process. I now have mandatory patch testing (though I have not had a client have any reaction) so that we can do a consultation about the whole process and to teach the client about their natural lashes and what to expect. That way I can go over the full set tips I have to make them comfortable for 2 hours. Sometimes you have to try different types of lashes before you find your perfect look. Our goal is to give you happy lashes. There are also many things that affect retention and some you cannot control. That’s why it’s important to really sit down and talk so both sides will be happy and comfortable.”

Thank you to all of the amazing ladies above for your suggested ideas for this topic! I love how much Novalash encourages this sisterhood to all help each other. Just another reason why it’s Novalash or nothing!




As a lash client is there anything you didn’t know at first that you wish you did? Comment below or share with your Lash Artist! 

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