Top 5 Curl Products, R+Co Style

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R and Co has some seriously amazing products. You already know why they are the bomb dot com of hair products. If you have curly hair I know you have tried it all and want products that work without costing your paycheck. Let’s see what my top 5 products are when it comes to curls, R+Co style:

  • Jackpot- This is a one and done product. If you can only afford one product, make Jackpot your best friend. This adds moisture and hold without the crunch. Simply apply to towel dried hair and diffuse OR you can use it as a blow dry creme to have a sleek style. If you don’t have a set way to wear your curls invest in this product asap.
  • Twister- This is a curl primer. It helps your curls look incredibly healthy and bouncy. You want to use this with another product for hold. This makes your curls look amazing but in Michigan we tend to have unpredictable weather so I like to suggest using this with Jackpot, Park Ave or Freeway.
  • Freeway- Anyone who is a client of mine knows I love this one. We all remember 90’s spray gel. This is an aerosol spray gel! It sprays like a hairspray for better distribution. Not only is it fun but you can spray it up and into your hair for a great hold without the crunch.
  • Dart- One of the newest launches is a step ahead of all the other lines. I personally hate pomades, except the Aircraft Pomade Mousse because well it’s amazing for upstyles. Dart is like a deodorant stick of pomade. Curly hair people can use this on their hairline to lay down those pesky curly q’s. It is also good for the wet look styles.
  • Television Shampoo and Conditioner- These two are grouped into a one choice combo. I literally am obsessed with these. Anyone can use them but curly hair loves it. It moisturizes while it smooths and keeps hair and scalp healthy. Curly hair clients tend to use dry shampoo between so they need a little loving when they wash their hair and the Television duo literally gives you Perfect Hair. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

All of these are available at Color Pins Curls, but fly off the shelves so come get yours today or add your product needs to the next order!


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