Discover the Importance of Eyelid Health

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If you love your lashes you want to make sure you also love your eyelids. If you have eyelash extensions and want the best retention possible, start with your eyelid health. Make sure your eyelids aren’t causing poor retention by trying these ideas to promote good eyelid hygiene:

  • If you have Novalash eyelash extensions, stock up on cleanLASH pads. They are a must have for best retention, I promise it is worth every penny!!!! They hydrate and cleanse the eye area while also removing makeup. I love the feeling of the pomegranate oil! Plus, you can cut them in half and have more days of happy eyelids and lashes.
  • There are eyelid scrub wipes out there for the deep cleaner, consult with your doctor for a  recommendation. You could use one in between your infill, but it may affect retention if scrub touches any of the lashes or adhesive. So be very careful.  I would do the scrub before you use cleanLASH. Read scrub directions, wash your hands, follow scrub directions, then rinse the area the scrub was applied with warm water.
  • After, wash your hands again and get a damp, warm face cloth. Hold it over closed eye for a few minutes. It feels relaxing and helps prep the eye for cleansing.
  • After you compress the lid area, massage your eyelid. Use a lip gloss applicator and massage your eyelid area. This helps to avoid using fingers and causing too much friction affecting retention. Gently, move the applicator in a circle motion from the inner corner of the lid to the outer corner side. Do this for 30 seconds on each eye. Clean the applicator with soap and water and store when dry in enclosed container.
  • Grab a cleanLASH pad, gently swipe from inner corner to outer side then gently swipe down over lashed with eye closed. And then I swipe under my bottom lash line from inner to outer corner. Flip pad and repeat on other eye.
  • Brush your lashes. At least twice a day but it doesn’t hurt to have a brush readily available. Novalash has the retractable LASHwand for those who like to be prepared.

Always consult with your doctor if you have questions and to discuss which tips listed above you can and cannot do. Healthy eyelids mean healthy lashes… and that mean better retention.





  1. Agreed! If you love your lashes keep them cleaned! Fun fact about Novalash CleanLash pads is the pomegranate seed oil also works to even out skin tone, so there’s an added bonus to cleansing.

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