Never Worry About Tangle Tears Again


When you are a mom you know the struggle of a tangle-prone child. It seems like they take a vacuum to their head while spraying glue into their hair. It hurts them, their screaming hurts your ears and head… it is not fun for anyone.

Lucky for you, I have been tested through it all and have made a list guaranteed to help you out!  First I would like to start by saying my number ONE tip. Teach your child to brush their own hair. Yes, this will take time and you will not want to wait for them to learn this skill because it is faster for you to do it. I admit, I still give in. We are busy parents… but letting them learn as young as we can help us. It always hurts more when someone else brushes your hair. That’s the best child reasoning as well. They don’t have too much to come back with after that.

So parents here is your new best friend in list form…

  • Use sulfate and alcohol-free based hair products starting in the shower. These are two tangle starters. Avoid them on your child. When you make the change to salon products you go from using a handful of products to a nickel size amounts. This makes the products last longer. The faster you teach your child hair care the more you save on money and tangle grief.
  • Work conditioner and use a wide tooth comb starting at your ends to loosen up tangles. You can also use your fingers but some find this to be painful. DO NOT use a brush on wet hair…. ever.
  • Do not rub a towel on hair or towel turban your hair. This causes tangles and mattes the hair. Simply squeeze water out of your hair and then blot the hair to a towel dry state.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner/detangling product. My favorite kid hair product is R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray. You only need a few sprays and it works magic. Trust me, I know an 8-year-old client who LOVES it and informs her mom of when she gets low.
  • Section hair. At least into four sections. This will take out a lot of arguing of causing pain to brush out hair in sections.
  • Use a Wet Brush or detangling brush. Start at ends working your way up slowly. Starting at the scalp ripping through the hair will not help it will only break the hair causing further issues for their hair. The Wet Brush is literally a gift from above when it comes to a child’s hair. If you haven’t invested in one yet they are available everywhere. Get one now!!! Seriously!!!!
  • If it is bedtime always remember braids and a low pony. If you are not skilled in braiding do a low loose pony to contain the hair during the night. If you are doing braids helps contain the tangles.

Your child will thank you. You will thank yourself. Stick to these tips and take one more daily argument out of the equation!



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