Forget Blonde Brass, Try These Tips…


Everyone loves a perfect blonde. Stylists love the challenge to make the perfect color while clients crave that perfect Hollywood look. I will get more into the time & work that goes into becoming a blonde  in another blog. Today I will be talking about the bad side of blondes… BRASS!

To overview blondes for those like me who hate science terms, pay attention. As you bleach your hair your hair goes through certain changes. The higher on the level scale the lighter it gets but with undertones. When you go blonde you will get orange-like tones and then gold yellow tones.  A level 9 is usually described a pale yellow. A level 10 is white. If your hair is white… that means NO pigment! Therefore your hair will grab onto anything it can looking for some pigment to cling to it. That is why being blonde is very costly.

So why does hair turn brassy? Here are some of the reasons/ways it can change on you:

  • Natural reasons you cannot control. If you have warm undertones you hair will want to pull that brassy color no matter what, you usually will be a strong candidate for  toning.
  • Toner fades. Not all toners work the same. Some last longer than others. Once they fade that brass comes back full force.
  • Chlorine & the sun. If you are a pool swimmer or are a sun bathing lover your causing your blonde issues. Chlorine loves blonde hair and loves to turn it green tones with it’s envy of how pretty blonde is. TRUST ME, I once came out of a pool and had a group of people staring at my fresh cut grass green hair. With the sun shining on your locks, it weakens the hair allowing it to absorb anything it can for help no matter what color it will turn. The hair cuticle poorly reflects light looking dull and makes it unable to keep the toner.
  • Your shower water. There are minerals in water. Some blondes are highly affected by  certain minerals.  With filters and water systems it can help your length of keeping the blonde but some people are affected from 1 shower.
  • Smoking/pollution. If you smoke inside your house and want to be blonde, you won’t have the easiest time. If you have ever cleaned something in a smokers house you will see a brown yellow film in the water. So imagine that on your hair, it will do the same. There are free radical elements in the air from pollution as well. If you live in a highly polluted area you may see changes in your blonde tone.
  • Lemons or lightener sprays. We have all been young and tried Sun In… it happens. With darker hair you are guaranteed a great bright orange look. But blondes can also see that brassy look as well.


It is very hard to avoid some of those reasons of the brassiness. Luckily there are some ways to help these issues. It just may cost you a few dollars!

  • MalibuC treatments- they have a variety but ask your stylist which one will work best on your hair to get the best results.
  • Clarifying shampoos and conditioners- If you naturally pull warm colors this is a good idea pre-service to take any build up off. It will strip off toners though so do not use if you have toner applied.
  • Tone more- You may need to tone your hair more often to keep the perfect color.
  • Wet your hair and apply conditioner before you go into a pool- this has been known to somewhat help prevent chlorine issues.
  • Wash hair with distilled water- if you get brassy fast from your water try washing in the sink with distilled water. It is tough but at least your hair will look fantastic.
  • Water repairs- make sure you have a water softener with salt in it as well as any filters you may need. Ask local stylists how water is to get any suggestions on what to use. We study the local waters to know what to suggest to clients.
  • At home products- use a purple shampoo and conditioner, R+Co has a great daily use purple shampoo and conditioner called Sunset Blvd. Some are very deep blue and purple tones and you cannot use as much or your hair will become too toned and not very pretty. Also, make sure you are using sulfate free shampoos to keep your hair and scalp health where it needs to be. If hair and scalp are unhealthy they are more likely to turn brassy. Don’t worry R+Co products are sulfate free. You can always double check on a product by looking on the internet. There are many sites out there that will tell you which ones are sulfate free.

If you are going to be blonde be prepared to invest in it. It looks beautiful but it is more than just an appointment. And remember when it comes to your hair appointment your stylist charges accordingly to their skill level, time for appointment, amount of products used and take home products needed. Keep that in mind before you head to the cheapest salon that will make you blonde.


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