Without Her, Novalash Would Be Nothing…

Ask anyone in the eyelash industry who they fan girl over and I bet most will say Sophy Merszei. First of all she is seriously so beautiful. When I see her in pictures I always think about how perfect her skin looks every time. But she also is amazing because without her there would not be Novalash, and the eyelash industry would not be where it is today without her. Sophy Merszei is a leading lash lady.
In 2004 Sophy Merszei was a biologist and cosmetic chemist and she had #lashbossgoals. She teamed up with physicians and scientists from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Houston to create the safest products as well as application techniques to change the lash game. She started the FIRST distribution and training network outside of Korea for eyelash extensions. Soon after it became the FIRST global distributor of eyelash extension products! Basically, without her all of these adhesive and training brands probably wouldn’t exist.
She has even changed the regulations for eyelash extension licensing in Texas with House Bill 2727. This is not only keeping clients safe but prevents anyone from waking up and deciding today they’re going to do this for their career without training. I only hope that someday this a federal law in every state to keep clients eyes as safe as we can!
Today, there are many brands but Novalash is the leader in the eyelash extension industry. They train their Lash Artists to create safe, breathtaking, perfect eyelash extensions with an arsenal of tools, techniques and products. They are able to back up all of their claims because they share their research and are EPA and ISO approved. The Platinum Bond adhesive is award winning as well as  the LASHLiner.
If  you didn’t know about Sophy Merszei, the inspirational lash game changer… you do now!

6 Thoughts to “Without Her, Novalash Would Be Nothing…”

  1. Michelle Mirizio
    Michelle Mirizio

    Thank you Sophy ! You are a Goddess! Thank you for Novalash!

  2. She is a Goddess and because of the hard work she put into building Novalash’s empire, she now has a badass army of Lash warriors.

  3. this is so true, she’s the Queen Bee in our lash kingdom and we would still be in the stone ages without her contributions to this field…. the knowledge and training bar that she set was the reason I chose Novalash in the first place <3
    what a great article!

    Brigitte <3

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry

      She’s amazing and I am so glad she set such a high bar for all of us!

  4. nuttercharlenegmailcom
    Charlene Nutter

    Novalash is the very best thanks to Sophi 🙂

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry

      Yes it is!

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