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One thing I really love about working with Novalash is how encouraging all of the other lash artists are to each other. You don’t get the catty comments but inspiration and mentoring. I learn something new every week from the amazing Novalash network.

So I set out to see what some of their top tips are for clients when it comes to getting the best retention for a client with lashes. Retention is following the rules to control how well your lashes stay between infill appointments. Let’s see what these lovely ladies had to say….

Certified Novalash Lash Artist, Rachel Dougherty (@RachelintheRough) has an excellent tip when it comes to cleansing your lashes! Rachel says, “it’s best done in strokes. Shimmying pads, cloths, etc. can be abrasive to the lashes!”. When using the cleanLASH pads go across your eyelid to remove any debris on the lid and stroke down over the lashes to not only cleanse but hydrate those natural lashes.

Novalash Brand Ambassador Brigitte Sargent ( and my go to with questions says. “They absolutely MUST use the cleanLASH pads at bare minimum 4x a week, it keeps the adhesive soft and flexible and lets it do what it was designed to do, bend and flex… I tell my clients that their retention is like 85% home care and 15% what I do… it’s THAT important!”. YES, YES and YES! I encourage my clients to use cleanLASH nightly, every night but if you must cut out a day or two never cleanse less than 4 times a week. You want to ensure that your lashes will be as healthy as you can. I LOVE this ratio Brigitte points out. Many clients think they have the service and then they’re done. Only to call or text a week later complaining about retention. That is why I send home papers of aftercare as well as email them the same information. As Lash Artists, we can only do their appointment services and the rest is up to them when they are at home.

Certified Novalash Lash Artist, Ellen suggests, “Keeping lashes conditioned with cleanLASH! The oils keeps the bond strong as well as removes makeup, dead skin, dirt, and oil (yes oil attracts oil!). This is huge because it helps the patented rubberizing agent in [Platinum Bond]. Also, Not being afraid to comb and swipe your lashes. It also helps to shed those telegen lashes that are ready to shed, which prevents [shedding] lashes from getting stuck in healthy catagen and anagen lashes and weighing them down.”. All great points! Most people don’t know how amazing the Platinum Bond adhesive is. Click here to learn about it. It has a rubberizing agent in it so it has some bounce to it instead of that dry stiff adhesive most people have had used on them. When combing your lashes you can place your finger pointing toward your nose under your eye and brush those babies. Without a good fluff your lashes will tangle and not look their best. You want those pretty little things nice and fluffy for everyone who gets to see them on your gorgeous eyes… as well as the other reasons Ellen has pointed out to us!

Educating yourself is my biggest tip because without knowing what you need to do will cause poor retention. Luckily Novalash has their certified stylist tab on their website for you to locate someone near you to educate you on post care because they do concentrate on that with certification. And if you are still unsure feel free to contact their TOP NOTCH staff at HQ and they will also help you. They are here for clients as well as the professionals which I love.

It really is Novalash or Nothing!!!!




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