All These Titles? Are They Backed Up?


Titles and certification go hand in hand within the beauty industry. Unfortunately, I can order a stack of business cards throw on them that I am a “Senior Artist”, “Master Colorist”, “Supreme Cut and Style Expert” and why not add “Nail Polish Specialist”. It is quite easy just to have an ego and make yourself sound better than you are. That is why when you see these titles don’t be afraid to ask for some credentials.

When you ask they should be able to pull out something to prove this “title”. For example, Novalash has Brand Ambassadors that they promote because they have worked closely with the company and have had advanced training and can help others but they know EVERYTHING. Trust me I have asked some random questions and those amazing ladies always have the answer.

Even when it comes to the label “trainer” tread lightly. Make sure they work exclusively with a brand that backs them or you could learn a lot of the wrong in things. I once worked with a microblading & permanent makeup instructor/trainer and she told me some areas of the beauty industry are not regulated as to being able to train and teach. So a fisherman could wake up one day and say, “I am going to teach permanent makeup today!” and go charge someone $500 and teach them everything incorrectly. That is why you want them connected to a company so you can go back to the company if you do have an issue. Especially when it comes to training. And I totally understand the point of money. These classes are expensive. I GET IT!!! I am the first to admit I am in the low income bracket, but I also know with determination and money management I can attend these classes and get the training to one day become the most successful version of myself. It’s investing in your future! So that you can have those titles on your cards and have them backed up.

For hair color, if someone adds any of those little titles, ask for their color line university certificate. Salons will commit to at least one line, then stylists/colorists will attend classes at their “universities” which are advanced classes that usually are days long and a pretty penny.  It’s part of the business and it keeps you ahead of the trends. That may give them an enhanced title but those who are “masters” or “elite” will be educators/brand ambassadors/consultants for the color lines or endorsed by a company. Which means somewhere along the line there will be a paper trail to prove they have gotten to that level to show they deserve that title.

So if you google your “elite hair extension master artist in florida” and see a bio description on their social media, etc. and you don’t see any brands below mentioning their name ignore whatever title they thought they deserved that day. To be a top dog in the beauty industry you need companies and professional groups backing you up saying, “YES! This person is the best of the best we wouldn’t risk our reputation unless we know they are the one to go to with their knowledge and professionalism!”.

Sadly, there is nothing more you can do other than to do your research and ask questions. It is better to know than to show up and leaving unhappy or feeling like that person wasn’t the master and you feel let down. Luckily, we have the internet to help us out with being able to look up things here and there.  Most people say those pieces of paper for certifications are worthless but is it? Proof is better than false advertising in the beauty  world!


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  1. This is an awesome article!!! You definitely want to do all the research you can when you’re looking at training in any field!

    1. Color Pins Curls – Lash artistry

      And get trained by an actual brand trainer not a coworker!

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