Make Your Lashes Longer NOW! (Just Ignore the Ingredients)

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We all know someone in those direct sales pyramid schemes where they post a million pictures telling you to only buy from them. And I am sure out of the few brands you know someone selling a lash serum. I am here to discuss them but to inform you of why they may not be the best thing ever. One thing I always believe to inform people about is health/ sanitation and to be honest. So let’s have a little talk…  If you own a lash serum, go look at it. Check the ingredients list… if you can find it look for the word Prostaglandin. If you are someone who cares about what you put on and in your body you will want to read on.
Prostaglandin is a hormone. Prostaglandins are made by chemical reactions at the site where they are needed naturally by your body. These types of lipids are derived from fatty acids. Fatty acids are totally fine, aren’t they?  Upon further talking and reading about them I found out they are in medications that help treat Glaucoma. This is an increased pressure in the eye that can cause gradual loss of one’s sight. So that means it’s a good thing! Right?… I mean eventually they discovered that it gives a great side effect for people. It enhanced and sped up the rate that eyelashes grew. What more could someone want in their lash serum????
Time for the MIC DROP. Though Prostaglandin helps with Glaucoma it is not all good. Especially if you do not have Glaucoma and are using it in your products. Prostaglandin can darken your color of the iris. Blue eyes can become brown. It can also swell the retina, redness in the eyes, itchy eyelids, blurry vision, red/brown rings around the eyes, as well as general irritation. They come in short-term effects but they can actually become permanent! Using when not needed has speculated that using products  containing any of these science term ingredients  listed earlier in this post, can cause a resistance to glaucoma medications. I don’t know about you but if I have to take a medication I do not want it to not work. Especially with all of those other side effects and knowing its absorbed into my body.
Back to that ingredients list mentioned earlier. Don’t see Prostaglandins? You are still not in the clear. Sometimes to throw people like myself off it will be listed as a string of chemicals that are so long we give up trying to even pronounce them. Don’t worry I saved you the Google search. Look for the words: Isopropanol Phenyl-hydroxy-pentene Dihydroxy-cyclopentyl-heptenate,  Bitamoprost, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide. Do you see one of those? Those eyelash growth actives are analogues of Prostaglandin.
So you still want to help your lashes and grow them safely and hormone free? DO NOT WORRY! I have the answer for you!
LASHDoctor-BCA-1024x1024-copy (1)
Lash+Doctor. Another fantastic, life changing product from Novalash. It’s them or nothing I am not lying! To learn a little about this “little lash helper” as I like to call it, I contacted my favorite Lash Consultant and she informed me that, “LASH+Doctor is made with peptides, natural plant extracts, ginseng extract, multi-vitamins and that is it. Therefore it is 100% hormone free! It naturally promotes healthy, natural, and fuller looking lashes and brows. It reduces the hair follicles from aging to prevent lash/brow loss and improve the quality of the natural hairs.”. Hormone free and can be used on LASHES AND BROWS!!!! Lash+Doctor conditions and strengthens the follicles, can be used daily WITH eyelash extensions without messing with the adhesive, help those who have lash damage from other services, the naturally thin and sparse natural lashes that want to grow, ph balanced and safe for those who wear contacts. Now you can get long lashes and not have to worry about the ingredients. But if you do worry you can read Lash+Doctor’s ingredients and see you are safe!
These products are available through your Certified Novalash Lash Artist or on Novalash’s website. So if you don’t want to hunt down a person to buy it from it is readily available online, just click here.
Stay tuned for some advice from other Certified Novalash Lash Artists about retention later this week!

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