7 More Retention Tips to Remember


You already know about: ATTENTION, Retention Top 10 tips to keep your lash infill appointments at 4 week increments. But here are 7 more to keep in the back of your mind:

  1. Sunscreen can sweat into your eye area breaking down adhesive so make sure to rinse off and reapply avoiding lash area.
  2. Do not use ANY other lash growth products other than LASH+doctor with NovaLash extensions & adhesives. 
  3. If baking or cooking, when using the oven please be aware the initial wave of heat that comes out can affect your lashes. To avoid any issues, open the oven and allow heat to escape before moving face near oven.
  4. Any makeup used around the eyes containing glycol or carbonate. And ABSOLUTELY NO waterproof eye products. This will break down the adhesive. NovaLash has 24-hour wear Triptych sets including eyeliner and eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush. These are safe to use with NovaLash eyelash extensions. NovaLash also offers a great mascara & waterproof jetLINER or the smallest, finest tipped LASHliner with a sharpener that is safe to use as well!
  5. When using mascara, it is important to apply mascara from mid-lengths to ends of lashes. Mascara should not be used every day and more towards your infill appointment. Mascara by NovaLash has beeswax as a main ingredient to help keep the color staying on your lashes. And is easily removed with only water with no raccoon eye stains.
  6. When applying liners, make dashes or dots on your lid to fill in any spots between infill appointments. Using JETliner or LASHliner is best for NovaLash extensions so that the cleanLASH pads can remove with ease avoiding buildup from other brands deep in your lash line!
  7. Only go to a listed, certified NovaLash Stylist (Novalash.com/findastylist, or call (713)520-5848, to ensure you are getting NovaLash. A Lash Stylist can be certified through NovaLash many years prior but no longer an active listed Stylist. This means they can use other brands, expired or products without your knowledge.

Always remember the aftercare rules and the things you cannot control with retention. Make sure you know all the different things out there that affects your NovaLash eyelash extensions. And remember to ask your Lash Stylist if you are unsure about anything that could be causing issues.

Keep your lashes healthy & conditioned!




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