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First, I would like to thank everyone who keeps up on my blog. I am speechless with the past few weeks and what has happened so I would like to announce many things to all of you!

We all know how much I love Novalash. It’s a lot for those who don’t know. This past week has been amazing. From finding out my blog has been featured in the Novalash Brand Ambassador booklet to being accepted into the April class for American Volume Lashes, I am beyond humbled. This brand helps it’s Lash Artists and encourages them to work as a sister community. I have met so many amazing Lash Artists whom I have learned so much from! Two very big accomplishments in one week. So thankful and feel so blessed within my career.

Secondly, this is more of an announcement to my clients. This is to explain the pricing. Please refer to the tab labeled, “Services” to understand pricing from here on out. Services will be individualized from March 1st, 2018 and on. If more color or bleach is mixed, it will affect your pricing. Please respect and check my pricing before appointments to avoid any surprises. Due to using only the b est quality products it does affect my pricing for clients. Keep in mind I do add many things not usually included in services. Ex: I always use Kenra Porosity Spray with every client, include first time toning with servie, do not book more than one client at a time, tint lashes with eyelash extensions, etc. Though I include I do not charge separately for little things but do need to adjust my pricing and stick to my pricing rules. If you still think it is too much to you please out of respect ask yourself how you would feel if your boss asked to lower your pay for SOME services or hours for your job because you are “friends” or “refuse to pay that!”. This is my career I love and respect my clients. I also try my best to not over charge but am a single mother without help who needs to provide for her daughter.

The biggest announcement I would like to make is a big salon change. I have decided to part ways with Goldwell color line and have decided to change over to Kenra. This color line has been with me personally over the years. After my best friend introduced me to the line I fell in love. After being unhappy with my color line results with the prices I decided to make a change to a line that I knew was amazing. After buying different types of lines within Kenra I really fell in love. Grey coverage, 10 minute retouches, AMAZING toners, great metallic colors (seriously, let me apply them onto your hair!!!) and the biggest thing to me, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! Check my last blog if you need to know why.

So I would like to personally shout out a HUGE thank you to the Kenra educator Wesley (@webostyle on IG). I have had some random late night questions and even comments and I can honestly say Kenra’s educators have the FASTEST response rate. They share their formulas and guess what? THEY WORK. I have followed many educators on many color lines and let’s be honest on the professional side… sometimes you run into educators who give you minimal information to say they’re educators but you learn NOTHING! Nor can you get help… annoying I know!  I reached out to Wesley on a whim of the thought, “I have some questions so why not try?”. Guess what? He responded very quickly and with information and honesty. He gave me information I felt was important and I dove in and bought quite a lot of color stock for my salon. And I have been nothing with happy with the results and so have my clients. I will go on more about my love of this brand in later posts…. I just wanted to shout out Wesley on taking the time and helping me decide to take the leap!

Here is a list to check out how great Kenra color educators are:

Rose Holt- @roseholthair
Alyssa Adkins- @alyssaadkins_hair
Nina Holmes- @nina_holmeshair
Derek West- @dwesthair
Mirella Manelli- @mirellamanelli
Cassie Siskovic- @cassielizhair
Chelsey Ellis- @chelseyellishair
Wesley Boyce- @webostyle


If you are a client looking for some ideas or a pro looking for inspiration add these great pros ASAP!!!!! And stay tuned for more Kenra related posts!!!! I am sure they will be VERY often to tell you why they are so great!




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