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Any company or brand can make products and market them. The goal is to get a following and hook people to the products. Get their trust to become loyal to you. But what really defines a company? Customer service.

I cannot believe some of the customer service nightmare stories I have heard. And recently I had one of those. The not answering the questions asked, not caring enough to make sure the customer is happy. It draining as a salon owner to rely on customer service to help you fix an issue when you can tell you are not a priority or that they care. It can affect you so much that sometimes no matter how much you love a product, you will make the decision to eventually stop dealing with the stress of it and move on…

That is why customer service is the most important to the company. That is also why I am glad that NOT all customer service interactions go so terribly. I sat after being so mind blown about this issue that I had to remind myself, “this doesn’t always happen”.

Everyone knows I love Novalash but one of the reasons why is their customer service.  I can have a random question middle of the night, right away in the morning it doesn’t matter. Because I know I can email them and have an answer within 24 hours at most. Though, I honestly don’t think I have had to wait that long that unless I email over the weekend. I always go through the customer service email because I don’t worry about a late night notification to anyone.

Now let me just say I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes, they are the smallest little question most people wouldn’t care to ask but I like to think from a client’s view about things so I ask what they would. I always get a prompt personal response from Novalash. Never have I gotten, “Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!” intro every email, followed by a short sentence of no information for me. They are always personal and complimenting but still professional.

I love that when I call the number to talk to someone and say my name, a consultant always recognizes my name and is friendly and not a mono-toned person you know is bored and hates their job. My usual consultant, Jordan is always is happy to help me with anything I may need. She has even brought up my blog before in conversation! Which knowing they care enough to say they have looked at it makes me support the company even more.

I know my clients have complimented the little customer service things I do like: having Netflix available for kids, text reminders, pre/post appointment emails, changeable music, water bottles, candy and even a blog they can learn from. It not only makes my salon stand out, it makes them feel important and more loyal.

So even though I have had a nightmare customer service experience I can be happy knowing how Novalash is there for all of my eyelash extension needs with their amazing customer service. I have told you many times, but even with customer service… for me it’s Novalash or Nothing!



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