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Aftercare and retention rules are the most important thing for a client to be educated about. A great Lash Stylist will send you home with paper or email you a copy of some rules and suggestions to help you keep your lashes in tip-top shape! There are so many things out there that can affect your extensions ability to stay adhered to your natural lashes. Some you cannot control, like those listed here.

NovaLash allows you to throw some of the BIG rules out of the window like no water wait time and no oil free only rules.  NovaLash has the Aftercare kit available (rules can be found here), but there are still some things you can control to make sure you get the most time between your infill appointments like the following:

  1. Not cleansing your lashes properly. If you do not clean your lashes of the debris buildup you not only risk your eye health, you risk premature shedding as well. CleanLASH is a NovaLash made product for cleansing, conditioning and removing makeup from your eye area. When using wipe away and then down and away, ending with under your bottom lash line making sure you’re not too rough with your lashes. If you notice any irritation or inflammation contact your doctor. Lashes should be cleansed daily.
  2. Cleanse your lashes daily at night and after any physical exercise. Working out causes sweating and sweat also contains salt. The salt dehydrates your natural lashes which cause them to prematurely shed. To get the best retention rinse your lashes with water followed by a good cleansing with recommended eyelash extensions cleanser like cleanLASH by NovaLash. Non-NovaLash products cannot guarantee lash retention.
  3. Not brushing your lashes. Your lashes will tangle with added length.  This is recommended at least AM and PM. That is why you are given your lash wand to take home. This should be done during the morning and night and can be done during the day if you feel they may need to be brushed. Make sure you clean your wand as well as bacteria can get onto it and spread. NovaLash has a retractable LASHwand for those who want one with a lid to ensure the best sanitation.
  4. Brushing your lashes TOO often. Brushing your lashes too much can cause more pulling on the natural lash causing premature shedding.
  5. Do not sleep with face in pillow or on one side. Though this is hard to correct because you will unconsciously move to be comfortable, doing either will cause friction causing premature shedding. Try to sleep on your back to avoid friction. LASHcloud pillow is recommended. Silk pillowcases also are suggested.
  6. Do not rub your eyes/eyelashes. The morning and allergy season seems to be the worst for  people who tend to do this. Though this is hard  to control, this can cause poor retention.
  7. Do not use waterproof makeup (solvents can break down adhesive) or makeup with the ingredients: glycol or carbonate. NovaLash has mascara, eyeliners and Triptych kits with cream eyeshadows. If any product used is not NovaLash brand it is not assured that you will have good retention.
  8. Be careful of saline drop use. Overuse can affect adhesive. Saline drops contain salt, salt dehydrates natural lashes. This causes the lashes to prematurely shed. The natural lashes can become brittle and the extensions can just pop off from daily brushing.
  9. Bad eyelid hygiene. Make sure your eye area is being safely cleansed and conditioned properly. Make sure you massage eye lid area and use correct products around eyes to ensure healthy eyelids. Fingers create friction with eyelash extensions so avoid rubbing the area with fingers.
  10. Avoid Oil FREE products. Oil free beauty products have a solvent ingredient that will break down the adhesive. This will also cause your natural lashes to become dry & brittle causing premature shedding.

Always make sure to check with your Lash Stylist for any new tips as their education in retention also continues and is always growing.

Keep your lashes happy & beautiful!


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