Save Water, Use Dry Shampoo


I’ve told you about dry shampoo. And when most people think about dry shampoo they think your typical aerosol. But let me tell you, there are many forms of dry shampoo. It’s just another reason why I love R+Co products!

One of the main reasons why I chose R+Co to retail at my salon is the dry shampoo. I am very picky and so are my clients. I have a large majority of clients who do not enjoy the hassle of daily washing. And have seen a huge change in the health of their hair since changing over. These don’t break the bank but it definitely is not your average products.

The biggest complaint with dry shampoo is not knowing how to use it. When using any dry shampoo you want to focus on your hair line, your part & your crown where your hair gets flat. You don’t need to get every inch of hair because it will work through your scalp if done correctly. The other complaints I have heard about dry shampoo are: it’s too oily on hair, it leaves a white film on the hair, it makes scalp itchy causing dandruff, it smells like you rolled around in overpowering floral scents or the scent doesn’t help at all.

R+Co has fixed all your issues & complaints in 3 ways! They have 3 different dry shampoo choices for you. An aerosol, a powder pump and a paste. Let’s go over them:

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Death Valley is my go to for anyone wanting to try dry shampoo. It is an aerosol form. It comes out clear, yes you read that correctly! It has B5 in it to help thicken the hair shaft and give you volume instead of that flat next day hair. It helps your hairs elasticity while moisturizing. A can of this treasure lasts longer than you think. You don’t have to use half of the bottle on one use, either. I tell clients to spray it like a pump not just hold the nozzle and go crazy. Because they use the top ingredients a little goes a long way. Even though I am a professional I still don’t like to break the bank. This dry shampoo absorbs all excess oil and product build up on the hair. You simply spray on, massage through with your hands and brush through your ends. And it comes in a purse size for people who like to keep one on them at all times!

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Skyline is R+Co’s dry shampoo powder. This is an amazing dry shampoo to me  for day 4 and on. It weightlessly conditions the hair while absorbing the scalp and hairs oils. It balances the sebum levels while removing loose dandruff on the scalp. There are many lines out there that have these powder type products and I can promise you this is not the same. It does not have that chalky feel or make you unable to breathe after you apply the powder from the cloud you get. This is because you pump this directly where you need it and is controlled. You also will not feel too “gritty” the powder is so fine you don’t realize you have a powder on and can use multiple days. I tell my clients to start with a small amount and shake right before you apply to break up the powder to avoid having too much coming out. Lightly press down aiming the open tip where you want to apply this about 5″ from scalp. This will come out white and stay white on your hair, momentarily. You just have to massage in until it goes away.  brush through to make sure it is worked in and you are ready to go. You will notice the instant volume you have!

Badlands is the third dry shampoo choice. This comes in a paste container so you may not notice it as a dry shampoo. When using this do not exceed larger than a nickel size and that is for a lot of hair. Start small with this one. Work the product into your hands by rubbing them together. You will notice this paste will turn into an oil feel, that is normal. I promise this is not a trick. Stay with me. Rub the product into your scalp and make sure you work into your entire scalp. You will feel that oil turn into a gritty feel. Your flat hair will get volume and texture instantly! This is my end of the road dry shampoo. The last day or two depending on how long I have stretched it. Badlands cleanses and balances the sebum on the scalp. It nourishes while protecting the hair against environmental aggressors.

You can’t go wrong with these dry shampoos. They are game changing in the hair industry & for dry shampoo users all over the world! You can use one or rotate through all 3 like I do! Your hair and scalp will thank you.


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