People Think I Am Crazy When I Say I Never Wash My Hair


Let’s add a little detail, I wash my hair about 1-2 times every 2 weeks… that is 14 days. I have finer hair but a lot of it. Would you think it is even crazier if I said I have clients who go longer?  Our secret is dry shampoo!

I cannot count how many people say they cannot do dry shampoo. So I will start there. I will admit switching to dry shampoo, I will say it is a change. Your scalp and hair have to adjust. The first 3 days are the hardest. You will feel extra oily. And you will not get to 7 days your first week. You have to work at it. Start for 2 days then keep adding a day every week you get through.

Dry shampoo to me is cleaning your hair without water. Simple enough? You need your natural oils in your hair to have healthy hair. There is some things that go into this whole process. You have to change up hairstyles, which is a future post with actual clients.  There are different dry shampoos too. Most people only know about aerosol ones. Look for the different types coming SOON!

Dry shampoo is amazing because you don’t have to wash your hair as much, your color lasts longer, your hair feels healthier & grows faster, at least for me. I am a single mom so I hate trying to get the time to wash my hair because depending on the time I can’t do a treatment and full cleansing shampoo all the time. I tend to use bleach A LOT!  I love changing up my color. My hair use to break off by looking at it. Then I found dry shampoo & even my hairstylist friends have even pointed out that my hair was actually healthy looking & growing. When I decide to shadow root and have color in my hair the dry shampoo helps extend the vibrancy of it.

I always teach my clients about dry shampoo & I have started a movement of non-hair washing clients who embrace their motherhood and hair health. Plus, it saves on the water bill. They will kill me for saying this publicly but they text me trying to beat each others records having longest time without washing using dry shampoo and still being able to go in public.

A lot of people think, “Eww your hair will be sooooooooooo oily and smell so bad
“. That is why I love dry shampoo. Dry shampoo absorbs the scalp & hair’s oils and is scented to mask any odors. I have clients that workout and still water down their hairline to get sweat off but they dry and use their dry shampoo after. And that is okay. The goal is to just not wash too often and cause your scalp to create too much oil and sebum or drying out your scalp.

So stay tuned to learn about the best dry shampoos out there!


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