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I am not sure about everyone but boy I am over Michigan winter. I am one who usually never has skin issues other than the usual breakouts… oh and sometimes I admit, I am a picker. But this up and down winter is really creating havoc on my skin!!! I will start with saying… I always do my cleanse, sometimes exfoliate and mask, tone, moisture, etc. I went to school for cosmetology and we do learn esthetics, so I did learn about facials and all the steps to healthy skin. And I always use professional lines.

About a month ago I went to a local friend stating my skin felt dry and sensitive all of a sudden, she told me it was probably dehydration. Because we hydrate from the inside, out. So I made sure to drink more water. I thought it may have helped a tiny bit and continued with water. Then we had our little freeze blast and warm up. I started looking close in the mirror noticing my pores were not only huge but very congested. I tried to steam in the shower with a mask and extract…. NOTHING would come out.

I wasn’t wearing anymore makeup or using different products. I always used Burt’s Bees makeup remover wipes. So with the most recent cold warm transition I wiped off my makeup and my skin felt a little burn. Like sensitive skin burn but it was tolerable. I sprayed my face with toner hoping to help. It helped with immediate relief but the uncomfortable feeling came back. Maybe it was that day? This went on for over a week. Changing around makeup routine to less and another sensitive skin make up remover I knew I never have issues with. Same issues. I felt defeated.

While watching a Novalash LIVE video they were discussing their cleanLASH pads removing their 24 hour triptych makeup, which is an obsession of mine for event makeup. Later post, don’t worry! In the video they removed the makeup stating how it hydrates the lashes and feels very oily. I remembered a client telling me how oily they felt to her. Then I had a lightbulb…

I had already gone 2 days without makeup to see if I needed a break. I went through my nightly routine of facial skin care and after my toner I took a cleanLASH pad and used it over my whole face. I felt the oil cover my skin. It was a lightweight feeling oil that actually absorbed into the skin. It did not just sit on top of my skin like coconut and olive do for my skin. Plug the disclaimer, we all do not have the same skin so you may like other oils for moisturizing… but my skin usually feels like I toned with Pam Cooking Spray and it sits on my skin making me feel greasy and causing breakouts. And yes, I’ve used organic and extra virgin.

I then massaged my face with the oil and washed my hands. While laying in bed my skin actually felt like it was absorbing something for once and retaining it. When I woke up I personally felt as though my skin had a slight glow and not dry skin flaking off and turning red. I did my makeup and even though I do always use primer I felt as though my makeup stayed on better. Maybe it was the 2 day break but I think it was my boost of cleanLASH.

Like I always do, I contacted Novalash. Because one thing I love is that I can send messages whenever I want to and I will always hear back within 24 business hours. As much as I love Novalash, I don’t think they should make their employees work weekends or holidays. That’s what Facebook help/support groups are for, the emergency I can’t contact a rep and need an answer to carry me over until I do situations. So I sent my situation asking if it was okay to use on my face, guess I should have done that prior right? Well sorry if I was supposed to because I didn’t.

My amazing consultant rep got back to me within a few hours. GOOD NEWS! I may be onto something!! I was informed that it is NOT recommended for a make up remover for the whole face, only the eye area. BUT, you can use all over your face as long as it is clean as a moisturizer.  So I think my newest idea is to use a pad a week all over after cleansing my face and let the lightweight oils in the cleanLASH pad moisturize my dry skin. Especially until I find a winter skincare line.

Another reason to love Novalash, the products may not be advertised for certain uses but for my skin I can add some extra moisture! Tomorrow I will tell you the ACTUAL use of cleanLASH!




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