Sometimes I Get Scared…

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…and it happens when I hear lashing nightmares! I have always been one to go on and on about sanitation with anyone who will listen to me. Why? Because I feel everyone has the right to know what to look for when it comes to eyelash extension services. And I am so thankful I had the opportunity to train through Novalash because I really feel they stress this area to anyone training with them. It is your eye area we are talking about! Now there are a few posts about sanitation so today I will do more of a story post. Keep in mind this is a true story…

I went to someone’s house to visit because she is moving out of state. Her mom was in town helping to pack up the house. She said she lived in Miami, Florida. The lightbulb went off! Miami loves the beauty industry I am going to snag this future client! As I focused on her lashes I saw there wasn’t much so thought maybe not a future client… 😦 after talking to her daughter about my salon she mentioned to her mom that I was a lash artist who did eyelash extensions in Brighton. She lit up and asked where?! I gave her my information making sure I didn’t push because you never want to be THAT pushy person.

Later into conversations she brings up the eyelash extensions again asking what I use. I tell her NOVALASH 😍 and she excitingly tells me that she’s had them in the past in Florida and loved them but hasn’t had them in a while. She explained that the place she currently goes to says they use it but she can tell it is not!

Rule number one: be honest!!!! If you don’t use Novalash, don’t lie! There are clients who can tell and eventually people will find out the truth. From a client perspective, ask to see the containers the lashes are in, Novalash has their logo on everything!

She explained how she could tell cheap lashes were used because they always went straight. I explain cheap lashes tend to go straight from blowdrying the hair, cooking in the kitchen or even laying out on the beach. Now extreme heat can affect most lashes but the cheaper lashes can go straight from literally driving in your car on a sunny day. I have seen it happen. After talking more about Novalash and their amazing MINX lashes and Platinum Bond adhesive she made an appointment.

So rule number two, know and love your brand. I’ve never had such an easy time talking lashes with someone. Because I love my brand so much it easily converts people into wanting them because I can turn anyone’s bad experience into a Novalash or Nothing investment they will fall in love with! Clients point of view, if your lash artist isn’t excited and telling you all the cool facts about their brand and products maybe ask some questions. If you’re not confident in their answers I would suggest calling other lash artists and asking around until you feel comfortable.

Two days later it was appointment time! She came in and we chatted a little more. She explains how comfortable my bed is, how nice the spa music is and points out my humidifiers. I point out how humidity is crucial for eyelash adhesive, 50% is ideal Novalash lovers! She tells me how she’s never noticed any humidity in her other place and she’s there every two weeks. I sadly inform her that’s probably why. Low humidity can cause retention issues.

Rule three on both pro and client sides, learn everything you can and tell your clients so you can teach them the no-no’s if they go to another place. Which brings me to the big scare.

Towards the end I start the final separation and my client tells me about this STYE she recently had. She had never had one and didn’t know what it was until it was there. She explained how it felt like a pimple and was the worst pain. So I had to be honest and say, “do you want to know what it probably was that caused it?” And she replied, “YES!!! Did I do something wrong?” Before I gave my opinion I asked if it happened about 48-72 hours after her appointment in which she replied yes. I had to tell her it was probably sanitation issues on the lash artists end. I tell her how I have a sanitation log for before and after appointments that I must strictly follow, again thank you Novalash! I told her it could have easily been from dirty tweezers or tools (she informed me at the end they never give her the mascara wand, which cannot be used on another person so I always give them to my clients after appointment!). But it also could be from the bed not being cleaned and someone transferring bacteria there or anything used on multiple people. As well as using lashes already pulled for a different client. After lashes are out they cannot be used on a different client. Period. I have a small container with each clients name I put their leftover lashes into and only use on them. I also spray the container with alcohol before I replace them at end of appointment. But I would never even share with family members or someone who may not notice. Yes I have heard that statement out of someone.

Rule three, sanitation times a million! Don’t hesitate to talk about your sanitation methods with clients it actually helps to calm them! Clients don’t be afraid to ask either.

At the end of the appointment I explain after care importance. She knew about Novalash aftercare kits but didn’t know the details. I told her she can use the mascara close to her infill appointments or if she has a big event she needs the extra oomph, but not daily. Then I showed her the cleanLASH! She pointed out that they felt oily and I explained how your natural lashes need moisture to give your extensions the best results of retention. Those amazing pads cleanse, condition and remove makeup. And Platinum Bond adhesive loves oil! She looked surprised but I already knew most brands tell you no oil. She bought her kit and was on her way!

Rule four, teach clients aftercare and explain why. If they don’t know why then they won’t buy it. Especially the necessary things like cleanLASH. Clients, listen to the aftercare rules and product explanations they can save you a lot of money. Eyelash extensions are an investment!

Now to end this scary story with a happy ending…. 😀


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