Their Ad Looked Amazing


As I continue my journey so does my blog. It’s life, right? This is where I start to dabble more into the line of professional vs client based blog. Because I am about to give up some secrets!

Let’s start with this picture:

I’ve seen many like this used in ads. A perfectly edited model looking straight at the camera and there is no error. Here’s the bad news: it’s a stock photo. Now I admit I snag stock photos for blog posts and the occasional Facebook banner. They’re pretty, why not?!

Here’s the issue. There are businesses out there using them as their own work. I can’t count the amount of people complaining about their work being stolen online by other brands or lash artists. Because they do not watermark.

What’s a watermark? All my pictures always have @colorpinscurls on them somewhere especially my work. Why? So people can’t steal. So many companies steal work from others or use stock to make it look like they are top notch but then you go in and sadly it not.

With the internet now it’s hard to tell real from fake. That’s why I always tell clients I can show my before and after and refer them to my website to show them. I want them to be confident in my work.

Here’s two pictures of my work. One without a watermark just to show you how easy it is to steal and claim as my own. All people do is copy and paste it into my account and from there it can be stolen and passed along to 5 accounts before you know it. So what’s the main posts picture? You tell me below in comments.

My secret tip for knowing it’s a persons real work? Look for the selfie light ring in the pupil of the eyes. It’s your best bet to prove it is your work and not edited.

So here goes the new ending to my blog posts:

PROS: use your own work, not stock to advertise your services. Use a selfie ring light to enhance photos without editing. Don’t worry I’ve tested MANY selfie lights out for a later post! And if you can’t wait… order Novalash’s fLASHlight on for top quality lighting.

CLIENTS: look for stock photos they eventually become repetitive and you learn. Look for the selfie ring light, and if you love selfies their fLASHlight is a must own!!!! And never feel bad about asking to see a lash artists work. It is your eyes they’ll be working around. And if it’s not good in pictures chances are the sanitation won’t be as good either.

Want a topic covered? Let me know!

Until next time lash addicts…


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