Holiday Vaca! Wait.. What About Your Infill?!


Are you the traveling type? Going down south for the winter? Maybe just a family visit somewhere else? You look at your calendar and it is around your infill for your lash extensions!!!! What do you do?

If you are getting NovaLash Eyelash Extensions they are here again to save the day! I’ve mentioned being NovaLash listed on their website before, so what is it and how does it benefit a client? Let me, let you in on the secret…

If you find yourself needing an infill (or NovaLash products, or a new gorgeous full set) click on this little link to search near you. Enter your location and find a Lash Stylist near you! There are Brand Ambassadors who are the companies TOP leading professionals if you really want the high quality, top end service! NovaLash makes sure their listed Lash Stylists are using and ordering ONLY NovaLash products and have submitted work they approve of. That means they back those people.

You may hear the following: “they just force people to buy products that’s how you stay listed!”. After you give that grumpy Gus a smile you can know that products have expiration dates, so ordering rules allows the company to track them to ensure they are using fresh, safe products on you! 15 month old Platinum Bond adhesive is a lot different than, 20 day old adhesive. People can use anything on you which can be scary! So having ordering requirements in order to stay “NovaLash Certified Listed” is just another reason why Novalash is an honest, reputable company.

Keep your lashes happy & infilled!


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