Online Videos, Hair Shows, Certifications… OH MY!


Over the past few months I have been really looking at certifications of eyelash extension companies and boy, have I learned a lot! I have already mentioned how you should ask your lash artist questions before you let them perform the service but let’s go into  little more detail of it.

Most reputable brands say you have to be certified to use them. That usually entails taking a class and learning one on one like we would think. It has come to my attention that may NOT be the case. I have seen on different forums, social media, etc. that there are “NEW” ways. Some involve simply watching a video online, some will certify you by watching a demo at a hair show, and some are one on one but not brand based so just bring what you have. This terrifies me thinking about people’s lashes and from what I have seen out there, clients also need to start asking more questions.

In my opinion, anyone who takes one of these classes should NOT be allowed to touch you. There is more to a certification than watching some clips on how to do a service. For one, you need to be able to practice on a person at a one on one class. This makes it so an experienced lash artist trainer can watch what you do and correct anything you may be doing wrong. Eyelash extensions are very detailed so there is a lot of details to study. You can read all the books out there but you need one on one with someone experienced who has dealt with any of the issues you may encounter. So I do not think just watching a video or a quick show demo teaches you enough to be considered certified.

The other issue with certifications are ones that are not brand based. This is not just for one company to get all the money. All brands are different. I have used 2 other brands other than Novalash products and they are all different! Some are affected by humidity, some need straight air to cure, some need water, others need both. There are too many factors with lash adhesive you want your lash artist to know every detail about their adhesive. You also don’t want dollar store lashes put on you or not know what they are made out of. You never know what you could develop an allergy to so don’t be afraid to ask and see proof. Always remember this is a service VERY close to your eyes.

Some lash artists may say, “I certified under someone certified with ____________”. That’s great for them. This is where that piece of paper usually comes in. Most brands with reputable certification will not allow this. They only allow the professionals that have gone through their classes to order their products. They do not just choose a random person to be a trainer you have to go through even more training AND working with the company very close to learn how to teach the best they can.

Just because someone says they are certified ALWAYS ask to not only see their certification paper but also the products they will be using on you. I have read on many lash forums and groups about people who get certified with a company but then found cheaper deals on products to use on people. “They won’t know”, is really something I have heard and read professionals say. And as much as I wished they didn’t ever risk that on a client, it does happen. If a professional doesn’t think you will know about products, do they think you’ll notice simple sanitation procedures being skipped? There is a reason lash brands sell you their products. They back their products up because they have tested them extensively and found out the best techniques and ways to make their products.

Tomorrow I will be informing you about my experience with the Novalash certification and why I think they really have amazing certification! I already go on enough about their products…




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